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CMOs are paid approximately $47,900 the more time they spend on non-core work. a year for non-core work This tracks: If team leaders have to consult multiple sources to understand project statuses, the time In this study, we defined “non-core work” as wasted in the weeds quickly adds up. administrative work and meetings that don’t directly contribute to deliverables and goals. Considering the average CMO salary is $175,340 per year in the U.S. (at the time of writing), you would expect the time spent on such work to decline as leaders ascend the ranks. Instead, we saw a slight increase among VP and C-suite level respondents (26.2% and 27.3% of the work week respectively), compared to senior managers and directors (24.9% and 25.4% of their work week). All told, companies are paying their most senior marketers nearly $50K annually to do work they themselves consider non- essential. “This meeting could have been an Airtable update” There is a strong correlation between the number of sources a team must consult to get up-to-date information on marketing activities, and the amount of time that team spends in meetings and on non-core work. The more sources a team has to consult, So how did Stephanie change the way her team at Baker Hughes spends their time? She pulled their calendar and deliverables into Airtable, giving her team full visibility across planned activities in real time. This removed the need for redundant check-ins, and gave her team the headspace to rally her team around the company and industry transformation. Most importantly, Stephanie’s team is now free to do the creative work that made them want to work in communications in the first place. They’re spending more time storytelling, humanizing the Baker Hughes shift toward carbon neutrality and helping customers and employees feel a key part of the global solution. 17 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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