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Section 3 Signals of success. Now that we’ve covered the biggest risk 1. Revenue goals are correlated with more efficient, factors for marketing teams—what do more engaging, work processes successful marketing teams have in common? • Marketing teams that are responsible for revenue We cross-referenced various identifiers— goals have more visibility into campaign ROI for example teams who are responsible for 2. No code adoption shapes more successful revenue, teams who report high workflow marketing teams efficiency, and teams who use no code—with specific outcomes, including the ability to • 59% of respondents who use no code said that the achieve goals, meet deadlines, and surpass adoption has made them more adaptable to changing revenue targets. We found: business needs 3. Teams who invest in workflow efficiency see greater consistency in driving results • Teams with ‘moderate’ to ‘very efficient’ workflows are over 5x more likely to ‘almost always’ meet their objectives/goals 1. Revenue driving teams are high achievers This correlation might be due to pressure—revenue- (and are more likely to prove it) based targets may force teams into better workflows and operational practices. It could also suggest that when Marketing teams who are responsible for organizational marketing is aligned with company-wide strategic goals, revenue goals show significant operational improvements, this calls for greater collaboration with the rest of the compared to teams who are not aligned with revenue- org, which in turn necessitates clear communication of based outcomes. roles and responsibilities, cross-functional workflows, These teams use fewer sources of information to keep and reliable sources of data. Or, it may be the other way up to date (9 sources vs. 11 sources). They are more likely around—higher-functioning teams are able to put the to use no code tools than teams who aren’t responsible systems in place to measure and drive ROI. for revenue (83% vs. 69% respectively). And marketing teams with goals tied to revenue are 46% more likely to report efficient workflows, compared to 27% of non- revenue-driving teams. 18 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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