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CREATIVE/LAYOUT TREATMENTS (Corporate Division) Large Coin Canister (5"w x 4.75"h) Key Elements to Include: Place Albertsons Companies Foundation logo, the message, “Donate Today” and the legal copy within the live area of the coin canister. LIVE LOGO AREA Leave space around the logo, and avoid touching other elements. 0.1875" For clear space information, see pg. 10 of the style guide. margin Logo sizing maximum is 1” wide Logo sizing minimum is 1” wide DONATE TODAY The goal of the coin canister is to garner donations. Please include the call to action, “Donate Today”. Donate today sizing maximum is 24pt. Donate today sizing minimum is 12pt. LEGAL Please include legal copy. See pg. 19 of the style guide for copy and placement. Legal sizing maximum is 6pt. Legal sizing minimum is 6pt. 25

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