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Arnold Ventures Brand Book

Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy dedicated to tackling some of the most pressing problems in the United States; it invest in sustainable change, building it from the ground up based on research, deep thinking, and a strong foundation of evidence.

Brand Book

2 A brand is not just a logo and marketing. It’s a philosophy — the expression of who we are and what makes us us . Our brand guides the perception of Arnold Ventures. It’s the why and who behind everything we do. It’s everything people experience when they work with us and everything they think when they see our name. This book will explain how we communicate what we stand for, what we believe, and what we hope to achieve with the work we do. Introduction

3 Contents Vision • Purpose • The Elevator Pitch • Values • Vision • Audience • Mission • Personality Identity • Logo lockups • Color palette • Patterns • Typography • Photography • Illustration Applications • Digital applications • Physical collateral • Social icons 04 12 32

4 Arnold Ventures is a catalyst of lasting impact. We invest in sustainable change, building it from the ground up based on research, deep thinking, and a strong foundation of evidence. We drive public conversation, craft policy, and inspire action through education and advocacy. By maximizing opportunity and minimizing injustice, we make change for the greater good. “If we all take some responsibility to start with ‘why’ and inspire others to do the same, we can change the world.” Purpose SIMON SINEK “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action”

5 5 We invest in sustainable change, building it from the ground up based on research, deep thinking, and a strong foundation of evidence. The Elevator Pitch

6 6 Entrepreneurial Willing to go where others won’t Nimble We believe change requires audacity. Values Our values are driven by what we believe and the attributes necessary to make meaningful change. Data-driven Thorough Focused on enduring solutions We champion depth of thought. We follow wherever evidence leads us. No predetermined agenda Objective collaborators Knowledgeable resource

7 Vision MAXIMIZE OPPORTUNITY, MINIMIZE INJUSTICE Our vision is a north star, keeping us on course to fulfill our purpose. VISION

8 8 Audience Our interests and investments are broad and ambitious, and our audience reflects this. We think of our audience in segments that can influence and manifest change. Build awareness of who we are and what we do. Everyone Extend our reach to multiply awareness. Media & Influencers Attract, guide, and promote experts and organizations in the field. Grantees & Partners Influence and support individuals who can make change happen. Policy Makers

9 9 Everyone Can Influence Change Can Manifest Change Media & Influencers Grantees & Partners Policy Makers

10 10 Mission To improve lives by investing in evidence- based solutions that maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. MISSION Our mission is the bedrock of our vision. It’s the foundation that supports us as we strive to achieve our organization’s purpose.

11 11 TENACIOUS OUTSPOKEN DRIVEN PRAGMATIC ANALYTICAL EMPATHETIC OPEN-MINDED not righteous not brash not onerous not idealistic not cold not emotional not indecisive Personality Our brand personality defines and guides what we say, do, and create. It’s the voice through which we express our values.

12 Our logo is the keystone of our visual identity. The Arnold Ventures icon and wordmark are paired together to create a flexible lockup. Logo

13 This “AV” is made up of two arrows that symbolize our mission to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. We use this theme across our brand. And it locks up perfectly with our name. The primary wordmark stacks our name to further emphasize the upward and downward arrows in the icon. It’s set in Tiempos Headline, a contemporary serif that balances elegance and clarity. ICON WORDMARK

14 14 Each variation combines the wordmark and icon. Although the system is flexible to accommodate any context, make sure to retain the exact proportions and spacing for consistency. There are three variations of our logo. Lockups

15 This is the most widely used variation of our logo. It stacks our full name and pairs it with our icon for maximum clarity and impact. PRIMARY LOCKUP This version of the lockup scales the icon to the full height of the wordmark. This version works best at smaller sizes. LARGE ICON LOCKUP In some cases we may need to fit our logo on a single line. Use this logo only when there is limited vertical space. HORIZONTAL LOCKUP

16 16 This wordmark can be used to “frame” content and collateral using a black, blue, or yellow line aligned to the baseline. The circular icon and “AV” shape can both be used as stand-alone elements. The cutout “AV” works well layered behind other elements. CORNER WORDMARK STAND-ALONE ICON Our visual identity system is extended by these brand elements. They serve as a complement to our full logo. Other Elements

17 Inverted versions of our brand elements can be placed on dark or colored backgrounds. Use the all-white knockout on most background colors. ONE COLOR On dark backgrounds, use the two-color version of the lockup with white text. TWO COLOR The icon alone works well on images. Try using a yellow version of the mark to consistently stand out on top of photography. ON IMAGES Knockouts

18 These colors should be used in specific combinations to add visual interest and vibrant energy. Our primary color palette specifies black, white, and blue with bursts of yellow. Color

19 19 RGB: 0, 48, 255 Hex: #0031ff Pantone: 293 RGB: 0, 20, 82 Hex: #001451 Pantone: 295 RGB: 255, 255, 255 Hex: #ffffff Pantone: Opaque White RGB: 255, 204, 0 Hex: #ffcd00 Pantone: 116C RGB: 0, 0, 0 Hex: #000000 Pantone: Black 6C ARNOLD BLUE ARNOLD NAVY WHITE ARNOLD YELLOW BLACK Primary Palette

20 20 Color Pairings Use either blue or yellow with the primary black, white, or navy. USE THESE COLOR PAIRINGS Using blue and yellow together reads garish and dilutes the impact of each color. AVOID THESE COLOR PAIRINGS

21 RGB: 49, 112, 255 Hex: #3170ff RGB: 246, 248, 254/216, 227, 251 Hex: #f6f8fe, #d8e3fc This color is used on screen when blue text appears on a black background. It reads as Arnold Blue, but is more legible on black. We use lighter washes of Arnold Blue for subtle background colors and stroke colors. ALT BLUE BLUE WASHES We use a few additional shades of “Arnold Blue” in digital applications. These secondary colors can be used on screens to help create balanced interfaces. Secondary Palette RGB: 92, 123, 169 Hex: #5c7ba9 We use a desaturated version of Arnold Blue for text that we want to appear lighter than the predominant body text. For example, we would use this color for image captions. SLATE

22 Patterns provide a way to create reusable graphic themes that add visual interest to communications, especially in cases when strong photography is not available. Use small black and white patterns to add texture to charts and graphs. Use larger yellow dots on top of photos or video. Cut into the circles with text or the Arnold Ventures logo. DOTS & DIAGONALS Use the “A” and “V” from our icon to create a wide variety of textures and backgrounds. ARROWS Patterns


24 Our typography strikes a balance between clarity and impact. We deliver the substance of our communications in words, with images playing a supporting role. Type

25 GT America Tiempos Headline Tiempos Text SHARP Our primary typeface is GT America, a family of fonts by Grilli Type. Its heavier weights make a statement of credibility and authority. Use it for headlines, even if those headlines are a sentence or two. GT America looks best with manually tightened kerning. It is flexible enough to be used at both large and small sizes. When this brand font is unavailable, Arial or Helvetica may be used as a substitute. Sharp is an enormous family of fonts by Sharp Type. We exclusively make use of Sharp Grotesk 10. We use it for big numbers and data, or for huge headers. A good rule of thumb is to not set more than five words in Sharp. Longer headlines should use GT America. Sharp should always be set in CAPS. No substitutes for this typeface should be used if it is unavailable. Our primary serif is Tiempos, a family of fonts by Klim Type Foundry. We use Tiempos when we are telling stories. It has an editorial feel and really shines in the context of longform journalism. We use it for story titles, blockquotes, and anything that is more than a few sentences long. When this brand font is unavailable, Times may be used as a substitute. For body text or anything below 20pt, we use Tiempos Text. It has all the character of Tiempos Headline, but is designed to be highly legible at smaller sizes, especially on the web. We use it for story excerpts, body text, caption text, and the text that you are reading right now. When this brand font is unavailable, Times may be used as a substitute. SANS SERIF DISPLAY NUMBERS & BIG WORDS SERIF DISPLAY SERIF TEXT

26 We are a catalyst of change in the court of complacency. Q&A: Lessons From the First Year of the Colorado Policy Lab GRANT DOLLARS $1 BILLION Type In Use Use GT America Bold for page headers. Try hanging the type over the edge of a photograph, illustration, or solid color block. PAGE HEADERS For story headlines, use Tiempos Headline Medium. The Arnold “A” can be layered behind it. HEADLINES When using Sharp for a headline, try pairing it with a small label set in GT America Bold. The contrast makes Sharp really shine. HIGH-IMPACT TEXT

27 27 Tiempos Text is ideal for lengthy body copy. Use regular/italic and bold/italic styles. Leading should be around 160%. Tiempos Headline works best for headings and quotes. Use it with 120% leading. BODY COPY

28 Photography is an essential companion to our content. It can create an emotional connection, a sense of place, or empathy with a subject. Imagery must match the tone and quality of our brand. Our style is candid, day-in- the-life, and photojournalistic. Catch people in unposed action. Photography REAL PEOPLE & PLACES

29 29 Subjects should be making eye contact with the camera. We use a soft, toned, seamless background to unify our portraits. We are aiming for natural, confident poses where the subject is sitting with arms on a surface, either raised or lowered. Posture can be forward-facing or angled. PORTRAITS

30 30 Illustration Our illustration style will evolve over time, but it emphasizes key themes within our work and our focus areas. Illustrations that are detailed and subtle should be used at sizes where their intracacies can be appreciated, like as a hero image on landing pages. Illustrations by Mike McQuade DETAILED ILLUSTRATIONS

31 Illustrations are used to guide and inform. When used at small sizes, such as in a navigation context, a less-detailed version of the illustration retains the theme and maintains sharpness. ICONS

32 Here are some of our favorite ideas and examples. Use it as inspiration— we’re excited to see what you make with these components. The components of the Arnold Ventures brand can come together in many different ways. Applications

33 33


35 Applications

36 36 Applications


38 Applications



41 Applications

42 The circular “AV” icon is our avatar in social media contexts, since it will always appear near our name. Use any pattern or photograph as a cover image, but it shouldn’t overwhelm or clash with the blue avatar. AVATA R COVER IMAGES Social Media


44 Contact [email protected] for approval of all uses of the logos and branding prior to beginning the design process. Once completed, design proofs should be submitted to the Communications team before production. For additional guidance and the latest applications of our brand, visit or the Communications team page on the Intranet. Additional Resources Prepared by Upstatement in partnership with Arnold Ventures. No third party is authorized to use any of Arnold Ventures’ trademarks (i.e., logos, lookups, branding, etc.) without the express written consent of Arnold Ventures. If authorization is given for use of Arnold Ventures’ trademarks, and unless Arnold Ventures expressly agrees otherwise in writing, you must comply in all respects with the requirements and conditions set forth in this policy and in any other guidelines promulgated by Arnold Ventures. ABOUT THIS BOOK LEGAL

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