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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 52 Employee resource groups Transgender and nonbinary inclusion We have a vibrant and growing network of global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), In addition to Autodesk earning a 100% rating and designation as a Best Place to Work employee-led groups composed of individuals who join together based on common for LGBTQ Equality on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, backgrounds or dimensions of diversity such as gender, race, or ethnicity. Each ERG the Pride ERG formed an initiative to provide peer mentorship and advance inclusion is sponsored by a member of our Executive Leadership Team, and our ERG leaders are for transgender and nonbinary employees. In partnership with the Culture, Diversity supported as a critical extension of our Culture, Diversity & Belonging team. ERGs play key & Belonging team, during 2021 the group helped expand options for pronoun visibility roles in driving professional development, building partnerships with local communities, across Autodesk employee directories, worked to evaluate access to all-gender restrooms advancing recruitment efforts, and supporting a culture of mentorship and coaching. in offices globally, and collaborated with the company’s benefits team to remove any Currently, Autodesk has seven ERGs: Asian Network, Black Network, Latinx Network, remaining restrictions on gender-affirming health benefits under our primary US Connecting community, culture, and creativity Pride Network, Veterans Network, Women’s Network, and Young Professionals Network. insurance vendors. In response to the challenge of physical distancing during the COVID-19 Autodesk’s ERGs are evolving to make an even greater impact on our employee Programs worldwide pandemic, Gail Tanaka, Global Lead of the Autodesk Asian Network, initiated experience and our business globally. During 2021, employees in Autodesk locations around the world advanced diversity and a program with a nonprofit organization, Kimochi, to teach seniors and youth ● In 2021, Autodesk’s held its first ERG Week, a series of global events focused on belonging through a broad range of initiatives. For example, in our Europe, Middle East, how to use Autodesk Tinkercad as a way to continue creating Japanese celebrating and elevating ERGs. To bring the programming to life in a virtual world, and Africa region, the Autodesk France Country Council, composed of senior leaders, American cultural items such as cherry blossoms together. each group brought in dynamic voices from both inside and outside the company people managers, and individual contributors across business organizations, adopted 10 Learn more for inspirational talks, networking events, and more. initiatives during the year to advance equity and access. For example, the council engaged ● Beginning in 2022, Autodesk will grant a $10,000 appreciation bonus each April to our with local stakeholders Capital Filles and 10000 Codeurs to mentor and coach diverse global ERG leads, on completion of every year of service, for the many ways they help young talent and led discussions associated with the International Day of People with our employees feel supported and included, both in times of celebration and in the Disabilities to change the way disability is perceived within the company. face of social injustice. Autodesk is proud to make this investment in the future leaders The Autodesk Italy Leadership team joined Valore D, a corporate association that of our work culture—and our company. promotes gender balance and an inclusive approach to company- and country-level ● To scale and operationalize impact, we've formed expert “MERG” groups to align growth. This organization helps people learn, adapt, and prosper through change via program strategy and intersectional development across all ERGs. We work together courses, best practice sharing, mentoring, and other activities. to build a strong team of cross-ERG support, and we utilize resources, passion, and Programs across the business energy to impact lasting change for all employees at Autodesk, especially those in historically marginalized groups. Across business units within Autodesk, grassroots groups of employee volunteers help foster a culture of belonging within their teams. Each group has senior leadership support Image courtesy of The Hidden Genius Project and an executive sponsor at the VP level. In Finance, the Diversity & Belonging Committee hosted Power of Inclusion trainings and Nurturing young tech talent with The Hidden quarterly guest speakers, and in 2021 it sponsored 13 employees for the annual WILpower Genius Project program, a professional development and networking program for women offered by LWT (Leading Woman in Technology). The group also partnered with DreamWakers flashchats The Autodesk Black Network leads workshops through The Hidden Genius to connect 458 students from 11 underresourced K–12 schools with Autodesk career Project, a national nonprofit organization that trains and mentors young Black role models. men in technology creation, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills. Starting The Legal Diversity Inclusion & Belonging (LDIB) group is composed of volunteers in 2022, Autodesk has committed to donating $150,000 to the organization for dedicated to promoting Autodesk’s values within the department and wider legal each of the next three years. community. In 2021, the team focused its efforts on lifting up underrepresented groups in the legal field and also sponsored career development training through the Leading Learn more Women in Technology program, which was offered for the first time to all employees regardless of geography.

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