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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 35 KUHMUTE Beamlink KUHMUTE designs Beamlink aims to improve global Internet access and significantly charging stations built decrease network downtime following for electric last-mile natural disasters. vehicles of all makes Learn more Image courtesy of Beamlink Often referred to as last-mile vehicles, electric skateboards, scooters, and bikes help commuters get from A to B. They are low effort to use, and commuters often combine them with some form of public transportation. However, many cities have banned these vehicles because they clutter the already packed streets Challenergy and sidewalks. Additionally, electric vehicles can be a pain for frequent commuters due to the charging process. Challenergy has developed a KUHMUTE, a Michigan-based transportation company, is focused bladeless, typhoon-proof wind turbine, on tidying up city streets without compromising the convenience which furthers the company's mission to of last-mile vehicles. They are creating organized charging hubs realize a hydrogen power–based society. for these vehicles—regardless of make. The team embraced additive manufacturing as a way to iterate on their product Learn more rapidly, and used 3D printed parts for the final product as well. Fusion 360 software helped them tie their processes together, including electronics, 3D modeling, animations, and imagery. Image courtesy of Challenergy The rendering space even enables the team to create imagery and animations explaining the product for investors and marketing purposes. Learn more NelumBox Tec4med has developed NelumBox, a 3D printed temperature control solution that eliminates the need for disposable styrofoam boxes. Learn more Image courtesy of Kuhmute Image courtesy of tech4med

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