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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 64 Autodesk Technology Centers Heirloom Heirloom is a growing climate technology company on a 1,000-fold scale up of the company’s technology in less than mission to capture a billion metric tons of CO from the earth’s 10 months. With the help of the Autodesk Technology Center, Autodesk Technology Centers catalyze new possibilities for 2 making through the power of connection. They bring together atmosphere by 2035. Its “passive air contactor,” now in its Heirloom is building out its capabilities, combining the best of a global network of innovation leaders (known as the Outsight third iteration, enhances the natural carbon mineralization engineering and nature to offer the most cost-effective and process to help minerals absorb CO from the ambient scalable direct air capture solution. Network), data-enabled fabrication workshops, and curated 2 experiences to empower innovators in achieving the new possible. air in days, rather than years. This represents more than a Learn more With physical sites in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Birmingham, UK, the Technology Centers are a connection engine where resident teams can combine cross-industry or cross-continent Calwave collaboration with hands-on construction and fabrication. From exploring ideas on the future of design to testing new methods San Francisco–based Calwave harnesses the renewable power wave power to electricity, even under extreme sea conditions. of production, industry teams within and outside of Autodesk of ocean waves and is aiming to help reverse climate change Last September, the team successfully commissioned an open can conduct speculative and thought-leading work pertaining to and preserve global biodiversity. The company's mission is to ocean demonstration in California, and in January 2022, it was design and make technology. provide reliable and cost-effective ocean wave technologies awarded $7.5 million by the US Department of Energy to build To further enhance the exploration of innovative technologies for sustainable energy access. Calwave’s propietary and deploy a large farm wave energy site in Oregon. that can be applied to design and make challenges, the Technology oceangoing device generates renewable energy by converting Learn more Centers were realigned to sit within Autodesk Research early last Image courtesy of Calwave year. This shift enabled the Technology Centers and Autodesk Research to deepen their collaborations with Outsight Network residents on mutually beneficial and aligned opportunities that impact communities, industries, and Autodesk customers. By JDRF combining Autodesk Research expertise, collaboration across the JDRF Electromag’s mission is to conserve energy by making energy use by up to 50%. A novel indoor localization Outsight Network, and the fabrication and production capabilities smart lighting accessible to all commercial buildings. The technology in the sensor uses near infrared (NIR) light to of Technology Center workshops, residents have been able to company’s Autonomy Sensor uses machine learning, edge optimize the lighting arrangement in each room. Equipment enhance and accelerate project outcomes. This multidimensional computing, and data fusion to make smart lighting effortless and training available at the Autodesk Technology Center approach has made data exchange between Autodesk Research and affordable, providing the commercial building industry enabled rapid iterative development on a variety of NIR and residents more efficient, knowledge transfer more seamless, with a universal solution that can reduce lighting-related transmissive materials and complex geometries. and the process to develop forward-thinking solutions more Learn more diverse and inclusive. Image courtesy of JDRF Learn more Nia Technologies Inc. Toronto-based Nia Technologies Inc. develops 3D PrintAbility, to expertise and knowledge in Fusion 360 so Nia can develop a hardware toolchain that enables clinicians to 3D print various mechanical components. A brand-new NiaFit workflow prosthetics for children in resource-poor countries. NiaFit, will enable users to digitally design and 3D print ankle Nia’s 3D rectification software, helps users intuitively design foot orthoses, serving a large segment of the population custom-fitted assistive devices, and digital scanning and that requires lower limb mobility assistance—and helping 3D printing speed up the production process. The Autodesk more children attend school, play with friends, and Technology Center supports these efforts by providing access participate fully in their communities. Image courtesy of Nia Technologies Inc. Learn more

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