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FY22 IMPACT REPORT OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX 65 Advance industries Accelerate Shape collaboration policies Creating an inclusive future requires sustained commitment and partnership across Scaling up skills development for the future of work Advancing equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion industries and sectors. Ensuring the global workforce remains resilient in the face of We support policies that help workers take advantage of the new jobs and tasks that As a company leading technological transformation, it is our responsibility to create increased adversity requires intensive collaboration. We are eager to continue working technology will create and broadly share the gains of technology across all racial and opportunities for people from all backgrounds to participate and thrive in the future with customers, companies, governments, and civil society to achieve this vision. We have income groups. We believe that strong government investment in making the workforce of work. collaborated with global and regional organizations such as the World Economic Forum’s future-ready is critical. This includes investing in training for industries critical to Reskilling Revolution, AfroTech, The Hidden Genius Project, and Humanmade to help We support policies that: industries adopt more inclusive business strategies—ensuring workers thrive long into the economic vitality, including construction and manufacturing, supporting public and ● Promote safe, fair, and equitable workplaces free from discrimination. future. In 2021, Autodesk joined the Human Rights Coalition’s Business Coalition for the private investment in quality short-term learning and upskilling, and funding career Equality Act, to support consistent and explicit federal anti-discrimination protections for and technical education. ● Increase opportunity and diversity in science, technology, engineering, arts, and LGBTQ people. During fiscal year 2022, we led a letter along with about 120 other organizations, calling mathematics (STEAM) fields and in digital design, construction, and manufacturing, on the US Congress to support investment in workforce retraining and skills as part of any and to promote the advancement of women and minorities into senior leadership We are proud to be members of collaborative organizations, including: recovery legislation. positions within these industries. ● Enable the United States to attract a diverse pipeline of talent through immigration We believe that strong government to support growth of the US economy. investment in making the workforce During fiscal year 2022, we continued Autodesk’s commitment to supporting students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Through our partnership with future-ready is critical. the bipartisan Congressional HBCU Caucus, we welcomed a cohort of HBCU students to Autodesk and endorsed legislation to provide historic levels of federal funding for these institutions. Learn more

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