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OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX FY22 IMPACT REPORT 11 Improve our operations Targets Ongoing commitments * Report climate change information Driving net-zero Net-zero carbon in mainstream financial reports carbon emissions emissions for Scopes 1, 2, and 3 annually, beginning fiscal year 2021 See Autodesk FY2022 Annual Report Achieved and ongoing Autodesk continues to strive for excellence in embedding % % Integrate sustainable design sustainability throughout our business. This reduces our own impact 100 50 capabilities into our products while enabling us to thoughtfully engage with our customers and renewable energy powering our reduction in Scope 1 and Scope 2 and services partners on their own sustainability journeys. For the second year facilities, cloud services, and GHG emissions by fiscal year 2031, in a row, we neutralized our GHG emissions across our operations employee work from home by compared to fiscal year 2020 Learn more and entire value chain, through the deployment of the Autodesk † Carbon Fund. fiscal year 2021 SBTi validated SBTi validated Autodesk first committed to achieving net-zero carbon across Scopes 1, 2, and 3 on an Achieved and ongoing 37% reduction achieved Conduct responsible corporate annual basis beginning in fiscal year 2021. Since setting this target, definitions of net- engagement in climate change policy zero have converged; most notably illustrated by the release of the Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) Corporate Net-Zero Standard in October 2021. We welcome this increased Learn more rigor and standardization. % % Our net-zero carbon target is a journey guided by: 26.5 25 ● Climate targets grounded in the latest science and aligned to a 1.5˚C climate trajectory of suppliers for purchased goods minimum reduction in Scope 3 ● Prioritization of internal investments and activities that decarbonize our operations and services and business travel, by GHG emissions per dollar of and those of our suppliers emissions, will have science-based gross profit by fiscal year 2031, ‡ Engage our top suppliers to ● A commitment to neutralize and compensate for all remaining Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions targets by fiscal year 2027 compared to fiscal year 2020 on an annual basis through the purchase of high-impact carbon avoidance and removal SBTi validated set greenhouse gas emissions offsets, as well as renewable energy certificates. reduction targets The SBTi validated our GHG emissions reduction targets in fiscal year 2022 and determined 15% achieved 67% reduction achieved§ that our fiscal year 2031 Scope 1 and 2 target is aligned with the 1.5˚C trajectory. Our Environmental Policy underpins the company’s efforts in our own operations and with our products and services. Autodesk achieved an A- rating in its 2021 CDP submission. Use an internal price on carbon * Since setting this target in 2020, definitions of net-zero carbon have increasingly See our most recent CDP Climate Change disclosure for more standardized. We continue to align our activities with best practice. † To estimate home office energy consumption, we follow the Work from Home methodology “No Survey” approach that was developed by Anthesis. detail about governance, strategy, risk management, and ‡ This target covers all of Autodesk’s Scope 3 emissions, expanding on the categories included in our SBTi-validated Scope 3 emissions target. performance in this area. § This reduction was largely due to a 93% decrease in GHG emissions from business travel and employee commuting as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions. We anticipate an increase in business travel-related and overall Scope 3 GHG emissions in the coming years.

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