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OVERVIEW ENERGY & MATERIALS HEALTH & RESILIENCE WORK & PROSPERITY GOVERNANCE APPENDIX FY22 IMPACT REPORT 10 Energy & Materials Demands for more and cleaner resources Image courtesy of PIX Moving grow as the global population and standards of living continue to increase. We envision a low-carbon future with minimal pollution and waste, where renewable energy powers our world and materials maintain value while cycling through a circular economy. Autodesk Improve our operations remains steadfast in our commitment Driving net-zero carbon emissions to advance sustainable business practices toward net-zero carbon emissions. We Our carbon footprint have an even more crucial role to play in equipping our customers and other Partner with customers innovators to better understand the impact of design and make decisions on energy Architecture, Engineering & Construction andmaterials use in the context of other Design & Manufacturing objectives, enabling them to make choices that benefit their companies and the world. Media & Entertainment Advance industries Catalyze innovation Accelerate collaboration Shape policies Image courtesy of Botswana Innovation Hub - SHoP Architects

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