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Material Topics Definitions/Relevance to Citi Biodiversity Our role in preventing the decline in the number, genetic variability and variety of species essential to global and bioregional ecosystem resilience through our financing Business Ethics Following our policies, including compliance with laws, anti-corruption and bribery, anti-competitive behavior, paying taxes and transparent political engagement Business Model Resilience Creating, developing and deploying a business model that can meet significant challenges such as natural disasters, health pandemics and global climate change Climate Change Reducing our own contribution to climate change while financing and facilitating projects that accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy Community Investment Enabling greater cohesion with community stakeholders through public-private partnerships, monetary or in-kind donations, volunteer time or employee fundraising/match schemes COVID-19 Adjusting our operations and long-term strategy to allow us to respond effectively to current and future global health crises Data Security/Financial Product Safety Executing the policies, procedures and programs designed to safeguard the privacy of information shared by employees, customers and clients Employee Health and Well-being Creating workspaces that promote employee wellness, and engaging employees in our effort to maintain a culture of safety, sustainability and wellness Environmental Justice Enacting environmental policies and practices that ensure the fair treatment and involvement of people of all races, national origins and income ESG Governance Aligning with stakeholder interests while protecting the environment, advancing social causes and conducting ourselves responsibly Financial Inclusion Engaging with community banks and low-income stakeholders, and orienting the company’s place in the market to serve underserved communities Human Rights Respecting the basic rights and freedoms of clients, customers, employees, suppliers and Indigenous communities in all our banking activities Innovation and Digitization Problem-solving with clients, partnering with experts and fostering an environment that values experimentation and technological advancements Operational Footprint Reducing direct impacts by managing energy use, water consumption, recycling, waste and green building design Products and Services with Environmental or Social Benefits Providing products and services that drive more equity in society and that protect the environment Public Policy and Regulation Reform Advocating for public policies that support the interests of our company, clients and employees in the countries and regions where we operate Racial Equity/Racial Justice Implementing policies and programs that promote equal opportunity and treatment for people of all races Stakeholder Engagement Actively exchanging input, insights, expertise and perspectives with a wide array of stakeholders as we pursue our sustainability objectives Systemic Risk Management Navigating an evolving risk landscape to make responsible decisions and serve the long-term interests of our clients and the communities in which they operate Talent Attraction, Retention and Development Adopting an approach to recruiting, hiring, developing and retaining employees to create positive working conditions so that our employees can thrive Transparency and Trust Protecting the confidentiality of our clients’ information while disclosing information to stakeholders that demonstrates our accountability and credibility Workforce Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity Enhancing our efforts to promote equal opportunities for all people, and supporting a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace Contents ESGatCiti SustainableFinance SustainableProgress Equitable&ResilientCommunities Talent&DEI RiskManagement&ResponsibleBusiness Appendices CITI 2021 ESG REPORT 15

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