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CONTENTS LETTER FROM LETTER FROM SUSTAINABILITY 2025 SUSTAINABILITY SUSTAINABILITY DRIVING SOCIAL HELPING PRESERVING NOEL WALLACE ANN TRACY HIGHLIGHTS SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT GOVERNANCE IMPACT MILLIONS OF OUR STRATEGY HOMES ENVIRONMENT Supplier Engagement Assessing and Managing Supplier Risk Our global procurement team is composed As a multinational company with a global supply chain, adverse actions and events associated with of dedicated professionals in every division our supply chain could affect our reputation as a responsible company. To manage the risk to the of the Company. We strive to develop Company and to the workers in our supply chain, we have a formal process to identify and manage relationships with suppliers that will help social, ethical and environmental risks in our supply chain and with other business partners. us exceed our stakeholders’ expectations for quality, service, cost effectiveness, sustainability and innovation. To learn more, see Colgate’s Procurement Policies. Colgate’s Supplier Responsible Sourcing Assessment (SRSA) program requires selected suppliers and In order to engage with our suppliers in business partners to complete a self-assessment focused on labor practices, human rights, worker a meaningful manner, we are developing health and safety, environmental management and business integrity. Using a supplier risk assessment a system whereby we can collect and scorecard, selected suppliers and business partners are scored against critical risk factors to determine analyze a range of key data points from our the need to conduct a social compliance audit. When a supplier is assessed as high risk, a third-party audit suppliers and engage with them on setting of their facility is required. Through the SRSA program, we have assessed the performance of more than performance targets. We will continue 70% of our suppliers in high-risk geographies since 2012, driving improved working conditions for more this effort in 2022 and will report on our than 205,000 employees across our external supply chain. To date, there are more than 700 suppliers and progress. service providers in the program, and approximately 50% have conducted a social compliance audit. Colgate is also a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) and we use the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) protocol to assess suppliers’ compliance with laws covering freedom of association, forced and child labor, health and safety, wages and benefits, working hours and discrimination, and environmental and business ethics matters. Since the program’s inception in 2012, we 2021 SUSTAINABILITY AND SOCIAL IMPACT REPORT PAGE 80

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