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EA Sports Brand Book

EA Sports is a division of Electronic Arts that develops and publishes sports video games




EA Sport Brandbook Guide

A Comprehensive Playbook for using the EA Sports Brand

BRAND GUIDE A Comprehensive Playbook

EA Sport Brand Guide

A comprehensive model of how EA Sport utilize their Brand, Logos, Photo Silhouettes, Franchise

EA SPORTS BRAND GUIDE BRAND POSITIONING Games and other types of interactive entertainment that we could grow into EA SPORTS. EXPERIENCES THAT IGNITE THE EMOTIONS OF SPORT. From the thrill of Activate the victory to the competitive gene in agony of defeat every sports fan

EA SPORTS BRAND GUIDE BRAND TENETS Whether you’re standing midfield in front of 100,000 rabid fans, fighting toe-to-toe in the Main Event, or playing in Game 7 of a championship series, EA SPORTS puts you in the game. Centered around five core tenets—Authenticity, Competition, Innovation, Conection, and Playing to Win—the brand strives to be a leader and innovator on the worldwide stage, delivering an authentic experience for every sports fan both on and off the virtual playing field. From high-energy social experiences to trendsetting sound tracks, from pre-game butterflies to the adrenaline rush after an epic win, EA SPORTS embodies every aspect of sports. AUTHENTICITY INNOVATION Visually, technically A f ierce commitment and emotionally true to always moving the to every sport experience forward COMPETITION CONNECTION Among rivalries new and To our fans, passions, old and within yourself culture and each other — all season long PLAYING TO WIN An attitude that says, “We know what it takes to feel the ultimate rush” ® ® TM MADDEN FIFA TIGER WOODS NBA NHL NCAA FIGHT EA SPORTS EA SPORTS EA SPORTS ® TM NFL FOOTBALL SOCCER PGA TOUR LIVE FOOTBALL NIGHT GRAND SLAM MMA ACTIVE ® TENNIS EA SPORTS BRAND GUIDE / BRAND TENETS 3 9

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BRAND IDENTITY LOGOS For the past 20-plus years, the EA SPORTS logo has been one of the most recognized symbols in all of sports. In an advertisement, on a banner, on packaging, or on TV, the EA SPORTS logo represents Authenticity, Competition, Connection, Innovation, and Playing to Win like no other. PRIMARY LOGO SECONDARY LOGOS The EA SPORTS Medallion is the primary mark for the brand. There are several When placed outside the medallion, in stacked and horizontal alignments, levels of the medallion with the most premium being the 3D version. the EA SPORTS logo still maintains its power and elegance. PMS MEDALLION PMS STACKED POSITIVE STACKED NEGATIVE STACKED POSITIVE MEDALLION PMS HORIZONTAL POSITIVE HORIZONTAL NEGATIVE HORIZONTAL NEGATIVE MEDALLION SEE COLOR VALUES ON PAGE 10 BRAND IDENTITY / LOGOS 5 9

BRAND IDENTITY BRAND & TAGLINE A tagline generally describes a service, position, or emotion. The EA SPORTS tagline lives at the core of who we are. It’s built into our DNA, from every intimate detail of the sports world to the passion and innovation that go into our products. Our tagline says it all. EA SPORTS. It’s In The Game. TAGLINE & LOGO COLLATERAL & ADVERTISING USE LETTERHEAD TAGLINE RIGHT TAGLINE RIGHT STACKED 1x 1x 1x 1x 1.5x 1.5x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x TAGLINE CENTERED STACKED TAGLINE CENTERED 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 1.5x 1.5x 1x 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 Tel: 650.628.1500 Fax: 650.628.1353 1x 1x 1x 1x 1x BRAND IDENTITY / BRAND & TAGLINE 6 9

BRAND IDENTITY WRITING EA SPORTS™ The purpose of this wise and inviolate edict is to protect the rich and proud history of one of the most recognizable brands in the sports entertainment industry. It’s more important than ever to abide by this simple guideline. EA SPORTS MUST BE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, EA SPORTS VIOLATION FINES ALL THE TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS! WITH THE UNVEILING OF THE EA SPORTS BRANd PLAyBOOK I’d EA Sports = 4 laps around campus LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITy TO REVEAL THE FIRST EdICT OF THE NEW ANd GLORIOUS EA SPORTS ORdER, ALL PRAISE ITS NAME. EFFECTIVE IMMEdIATELy ANy MEMBER OF THE EA SPORTS FAMILy Ea Sports = 15 minutes of up/downs WHO FAILS TO WRITE THE NAME OF OUR ALL-IMPORTANT BRANd IN ALL CAPS WILL BE FINEd HEAVILy By THy MASTER. ON SCREEN. IN PRINT. ONLINE. EA SPORTS MUST BE WRITTEN OUT IN ALL CAPS. ALL THE TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS. NOT ONE. ea sports = 25 sets of stadium stairs EAS = Clean out your locker THE COMMISSIONER BRAND IDENTITY / WRITING EA SPORTS 7 9

CORPORATE APPLICATIONS IDENTITY SYSTEM Corporate identity is the cornerstone of many successful brands and businesses, including EA SPORTS. The foundation which EA SPORTS was built upon is strongly represented in this identity system, and the design is reflective of the core elements of the EA SPORTS brand: logo, tagline, and color palette. LETTERHEAD BUSINESS CARDS V.1 STANDARD JERSEY BACK V.2 SCREEN SHOT BACKS Peter Moore President [email protected] Main: 650.628.1500 Direct: 650.628.1500 Mobile: 650.628.1500 Fax: 650.628.1353 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 ENVELOPE 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 209 Redwood Shores Parkway Redwood City, CA 94065 Tel: 650.628.1500 Fax: 650.628.1353 CORPORATE APPLICATIONS / IDENTITY SYSTEM 13 9

IMAGE LIBRARY ATHLETE PHOTO SILHOUETTES The brand’s library of silhouettes, representing a wide range of action shots in a number of different sports, should be used instead of generic sports icons, as the examples below are exclusive to EA SPORTS. PRE-SALE PACK EXECUTION FOOTBALL BASKETBALL HOCKEY SOCCER BOXING MMA IMAGE LIBRARY / ATHLETE PHOTO SILHOUETTES 18 9

EA Sport Brandbook example

A Comprehensive model on how EA sports utilize their brand and imaging.

FRANCHISE RULES EA SPORTS EA SPORTS never takes its opponents for granted. Our biggest rivals—both big and small—are working harder than ever before to take us down. Being a dominant player in the business requires constant dedication, work, belief, desire, and most of all, direction. Winning doesn’t come overnight. And it takes a team of winners to carry the brand to the top. THE COACHES, PLAYERS, THE PLAYBOOK AND TEAMMATES > Know the boundaries of the brand’s tone. The tone can > The brand’s world-renowned tagline, “EA SPORTS. It’s In be used in an irreverent or sarcastic manner at times, The Game,” is part of the brand’s DNA and heritage. but remember that EA SPORTS is an authentic sports brand to the core. Always. > The voice of EA SPORTS, Andrew Anthony, is iconic, > Be a leader by delivering consumers the next “big flexible, and global. thing,” whether it’s a trend, innovative technology, or “experience.” > Showcase up-and-coming athletes; don’t be a follower by exclusively leveraging an overexposed athlete, the safe and expected choice. > Be timely while using the most relevant players, coaches, teams, and plays/highlights. > EA SPORTS should always strive to be involved with promoting sport, competition, and well being. TAGLINE IT’S IN THE GAME PENALTIES, TECHNICAL FOULS, AND RED CARDS • EA SPORTS should always be written out in ALL CAPS. Never “EA Sports” or “ea sports.” • The EA SPORTS brand should never be used with overly sexual content and/or environments. FRANCHISE RULES / EA SPORTS 21 9

FRANCHISE RULES TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR® This page represents the visual style, marketing slogan, and wins and losses list for the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® franchise. Please adhere to these rules to ensure consistency, and more importantly, legal responsibility. VISUAL STYLE WINS LOSSES > Show Tiger Woods in current Nike apparel, logos, and > Do not show Tiger Woods in defeat or imply that he equipment. is losing. BACKGROUND AND SECONDARY > IMG prefers to see Tiger Woods wearing his TW cap, > Do not show Tiger Woods or the PGA TOUR® IMAGERY STYLE rather than the Nike Swoosh cap. alongside an entity that is not a current sponsor. > When possible, feature the Nike ball and swoosh in all > Do not use any live-action footage, whether of creative. Avoid showcasing any other brand. Tiger Woods or other golfers, without clearing it > “TOUR” in “PGA TOUR” must be written in all caps. Title through the PGA TOUR®, the USGA, and/or the golfer’s caps is not acceptable. respective agent. > Keep it clean. Don’t use any words in creative that > Do not confuse the PGA and PGA TOUR®. They are two FRANCHISE LOGO you wouldn’t use in a professional environment. separate entities. > When writing out “PGA TOUR” in marketing communications, even when referenced in the game title, it must be accompanied with a register ® mark. MARKETING SLOGAN* > The game title must always be referred to as “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® XX.” “Tiger XX or Tiger Woods XX” LEAD YOUR TEAM TO GLORY is not acceptable. *Each franchise will be represented with a consumer facing slogan that connects to the EA SPORTS brand positioning. ® FRANCHISE RULES / TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 22 9

FRANCHISE IDENTITY & KEY ART FRANCHISE LOGOS Each franchise will have a uniquely designed franchise logo that is based on approved EA SPORTS fonts. This allows each franchise to differentiate itself and gain a deeper connection to its respective sport and consumer. FRANCHISE IDENTITY & KEY ART / FRANCHISE LOGOS 33 9

FRANCHISE IDENTITY & KEY ART KEY ART APPLICATIONS The key art of the franchise is never tied to only a pack front, as it can be showcased in a variety of ways in different mediums throughout the business. ONLINE PACK ART RETAIL PALETTES SHELF TALKER FRANCHISE IDENTITY & KEY ART / KEY ART APPLICATIONS 35 9

DIGITAL MEDIA EA SPORTS WEBSITE As the future of sports gaming evolves to the online world, it’s more important than ever to become a powerful player in the digital market. With proper use of EA SPORTS imagery and assets, you can build championship-caliber environments that are eye-opening, awe-inspiring, and second to none. HOMEPAGE SECONDARY PAGES An EA SPORTS home page, or a secondary page (see right) that is dominated by EA SPORTS assets, Secondary pages are prime real estate to showcase franchise-specif ic assets such as athletes, should feature a look, style, and tone reflective of the brand. environments, etc. that are unique to the sport, or feature-specif ic assets (e.g., GameFace). DIGITAL MEDIA / EA SPORTS WEBSITE 42 9

DIGITAL MEDIA ONLINE BANNERS Dominate the digital media world and deliver key messages with banners that will capture the attention of any sports fan. SILVER STREAK JERSEY STYLE 728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner 728 x 90 Leaderboard Banner SILVER STREAK SILVER STREAK JERSEY STYLE JERSEY STYLE 300 x 250 Standard Banner 160 x 600 Skyscraper Banner 300 x 250 Standard Banner 160 x 600 Skyscraper Banner DIGITAL MEDIA / ONLINE BANNERS 43 9

DIGITAL MEDIA EMAILS Raise the bar for internal and external digital communication with the addition of proper EA SPORTS assets and tone to any key messaging. BRAND NEWSLETTER FRANCHISE NEWSLETTER PROMOTIONS DIGITAL MEDIA / EMAILS 44 9

BROADCAST & MOTION VOICEOVER TALENT The proper use of voiceover talent for your campaign can leave a lasting impact on any consumer. Whether it’s utilizing the familiar voice of a music icon, Hollywood star, or sports legend, voiceover talent could prove the difference between a successful campaign and a forgetful project. “EA SPORTS. USING ANDREW ANTHONY Ignite any media campaign by using Andrew for: IT’S IN THE GAME.” > BRAND AND TAGLINE CALLOUTS > SCRIPTS THE VOICE - ANDREW ANTHONY Andrew Anthony has been the voice of EA SPORTS since the brand’s inception > INTERNAL PRESENTATIONS in the early 1990s. With his trademark delivery of the “EA SPORTS. It’s In The Game” tagline, Anthony brings immediate authenticity to any media campaign. > LICENSED CONSUMER PRODUCTS A valuable partner, Anthony’s relationship with EA SPORTS continues into the next decade. > CAMEO AND BROADCAST APPEARANCES BROADCAST & MOTION / VOICEOVER TALENT 49 9

BROADCAST & MOTION IN-GAME PACKAGE With its high-energy broadcast graphics package, EA SPORTS now has the power to leverage and connect the brand across multiple sports with a cutting-edge look and feel that sets the bar in the industry. EA-CENTRIC VISUAL LANGUAGE FIFA Product Design Framework Texture of the Game Framework Statium Architecture Framework Team vs. Team Intro FIFA NHL MADDEN Team vs. Team Framework Team vs. Team Framework Team vs. Team Framework Lower 3rd BROADCAST & MOTION / IN-GAME PACKAGE 50 9

PARTNERS & PROGRAMS CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP Building successful relationships with key partners in the business world is another great way to expose consumers to EA SPORTS and brand programs. It’s programs such as the Gillette Champions of Gaming and ESPN Virtual Playbook, and partnerships with KFC, 7-11, and Doritos (to name a few) that keep EA SPORTS a big-time player in the business. CHAMPIONS OF GAMING KFC DORITOS PARTNERS & PROGRAMS / CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP 57 9

PARTNERS & PROGRAMS ATHLETE PROGRAMS & EVENTS Throughout the years EA SPORTS has been the proud sponsor of many sports programs, including the Maui Invitational, one of the nation’s premier NCAA Men’s College Basketball regular season tournaments, as well as the EA SPORTS All-American Program, McDonald’s All-American Game, and more. It’s partnerships such as these that keep EA SPORTS a big-time player in sports. LeBron James Tim Tebow 2009 MVP’S PARTNERS & PROGRAMS / ATHLETE PROGRAMS & EVENTS 58 9

PARTNERS & PROGRAMS VIRTUAL PLAYBOOK Born out of our deep football heritage, EA SPORTS Virtual Playbook combines the depth and realism of the company’s industry-leading graphics with the production, personalities, and analysis of ESPN’s award-winning programming. Appearing on programs such as SportsCenter, Sunday NFL Countdown, and NFL Live, EA SPORTS Virtual Playbook and its groundbreaking technology allow analysts to interact with the virtual players from EA SPORTS video games and provide insight, education, and analysis to sports fans around the world. PARTNERS & PROGRAMS / VIRTUAL PLAYBOOK 59 9

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