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Audience targeting Getting seen by your target audience is great. Getting them to take action can be even better. Take advantage of Twitter’s share information instantly, and to extensive targeting options to connect with people and reach the audience your content is businesses around the globe. best suited for. Then monitor your Twitter is where hundreds of Tweet activity dashboard to learn millions of people post more than what your audience best responds 500 million Tweets every day. This to. gives us a window into people’s People come to Twitter to discover lives, interests, wants, and what what’s happening in the world, to they’re doing right now. With the engagements objective, you get access to Twitter’s industry-leading targeting features. Configure accordingly and you’re all set to go. Here are 3 groups we target: Targeting types Core audience People targeted based on factors like demographics, location, interests, and keywords. Existing connections Reach people who are already familiar with and have expressed interest in your brand on or off Twitter. Look-alikes Discover brand new people with habits, interests, and backgrounds similar to your existing followers or customers. 14

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