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Avoiding and Managing Waste Beyond Amazon’s commitment to decarbonize our operations, we are working to send less material to landfills and more back into the circular economy loop. The majority of the waste we produce comes through our customer fulfillment operations, from materials that become obsolete in our supply chain, or from surplus inventory, including items that are overstocked, returned, cosmetically damaged, or near expiration. Our Approach The best way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it in the first place, through waste-prevention programs and optimized inventory management. Reuse is the next best option, and is achieved by repairing, repurposing, and donating usable items—all actions we’ve developed programs to support. We then rely on recycling and composting to enable the recovery of raw materials, and as a last resort, we seek to recover energy from any waste material that must be sent to landfill. Reimagining the Product Lifecycle Through Amazon Second Chance Through Amazon Second Chance , we provide customers with ways to responsibly retire their products. Customers in the U.S., UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Japan can access a range of services to recycle, repair, or trade in their items, as well as shop for like-new and refurbished products. We also provide guidance on the responsible disposal of Amazon packaging. How to shop pre-owned items: Amazon Renewed offers refurbished products such as electronics, home appliances, and more. All products are professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new and are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Amazon Warehouse gives a second life to products returned by customers. Each product undergoes a rigorous 20-point inspection process before being sold at a discount. Pre-Owned Amazon Devices provides customers with access to certified refurbished, like-new Amazon devices that have been screened and tested by Amazon and are backed with the same limited warranty as a new device. How to recycle or trade in products: Amazon Trade-In allows customers in the U.S., UK, and Germany to trade in thousands of eligible electronics, such as Amazon devices and select third-party cell phones, tablets, video games and consoles, Bluetooth devices, and more, in exchange for an Amazon Gift Card. Traded-in Amazon devices are processed and resold to new owners, and any devices not qualified for resale are recycled through an Amazon-approved recycler. For electronic equipment that cannot be repaired or traded in, customers can recycle their items free of charge through Amazon Device Recycling in the U.S. and through various recycling initiatives in Europe. These programs route electronic equipment to recycling partners and verify that they are recycled and repurposed. How to repair items: Free product support provides customers with technical assistance for select items, encouraging customers to fix items and maximize their lifespan before replacing or disposing of them. In the U.S., repair support is also available through iFixit . 2021 Sustainability Report Introduction I Environment I Society I Governance I Appendix 26

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