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and the UK. Additionally, users have the option to securely share their health data with a loved one, a caregiver, and, in the U.S., their doctor through the Health app. Health research Everything Apple does in health is based in science. We have a history of enabling the medical community through platforms like ResearchKit and CareKit, which help researchers produce medical insights and discoveries on conditions from epilepsy to Parkinson’s at a pace and scale never seen before. Apple technology is helping democratize medical research by giving users the ability to opt in to share data through the Research app using their iPhone or Apple Watch. There are currently three public landmark studies in the Research app: Apple Women’s Health Study: The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has teamed up with Apple and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to gain a deeper understanding of how certain demographic and lifestyle factors could have an impact on menstrual cycles and gynecologic conditions, including infertility, menopause, and polycystic ovary syndrome. See the latest updates . Apple Hearing Study: The Apple Hearing Study is a partnership between the University of Michigan and Apple to study sound exposure and its impact on hearing health. This groundbreaking study helps advance our understanding of how hearing could be impacted over time by exposure to sound at certain levels. The study data is also being shared with the World Health Organization as a contribution to its Make Listening Safe initiative. See the latest updates . Apple Heart and Movement Study: Conducted in collaboration with the American Heart Association and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Apple Heart and Movement Study explores factors that affect heart health and potentially cause deterioration in mobility or overall well-being, in an effort to promote healthy movement and improved cardiovascular health. By collecting heart health, workout, mobility, and activity data from Apple Watch and iPhone users, as well as survey data, this study will provide insights on heart health and potential early warning signs in ways that were not possible before. See the latest updates . Partnering with the medical industry Our technology gives healthcare providers the tools they need to work effectively within hospitals and connect remotely with patients. Apps on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch can help medical professionals deliver personalized care. We have seen how our technology can also empower clinicians to be more mobile, leading to time savings and more time spent taking care of patients. Our devices are designed to protect patient data yet remain accessible and easy to use across providers. The result is care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately, more human. Learn more about how our products support medical professionals . Caring for customers At Apple, we want to create products and services that enrich people’s lives. To us, that means making the best, not the most, and only building things that make us proud. A world-class experience We’re motivated by creating the best user experience through our products and in every interaction with our customers. We focus on breakthrough technologies and innovative features that set us apart and keep people coming back to Apple. Consumer surveys have consistently shown high satisfaction ratings for our revolutionary products, including iPhone (97 percent or higher), Mac (over 87 percent), iPad (93 percent or higher), and Apple Watch (90 percent or higher). 21 Support through retail Our focus on our customers extends to a retail experience that puts the people we serve at the center of everything we do. Our retail teams inspire our customers to discover, learn about, and choose Apple products, services, and accessories by delivering a personalized experience like no other. Apple Specialists in our retail stores and contact centers help customers find the right products with one-on-one shopping and support sessions — in person, over the phone, or via chat. Today at Apple and Online Personal sessions help customers learn how to get the most from their devices and take their creativity further. Investigator Support Program Inspired by the innovative ways the research, clinical, and developer communities leverage our products and platforms, we launched the Investigator Support Program that provides researchers with opportunities to receive Apple Watch to include in their research study. We have witnessed firsthand how researchers and clinicians are able to accomplish even more with the addition of Apple Watch to their research and care programs, and through this program we hope even more people can have the same kind of success. Currently, studies around the globe are integrating Apple Watch into their research across heart, mobility, activity, and other focus areas. See more about the program . On iPhone, Walking Steadiness is an industry first, providing insight into fall risk by leveraging important mobility data as users walk with their iPhone, directly within the Health app. The Health app provides a consolidated view of users’ health information — data from iPhone, third-party apps, and Apple Watch. And since introducing the Health Records feature in 2018, it is supported at over 800 healthcare institutions with over 12,500 care locations across three regions — the U.S., Canada, Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 55

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