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Apple Distinguished Educators and Apple Distinguished Schools Our community of nearly 3000 Apple Distinguished Educators in 45 countries model, advise, advocate, and publish materials on ways to integrate Apple technology into teaching and learning. These educators are active leaders, helping to make learning deeply personal for every student. Apple Distinguished Schools are centers of leadership and educational excellence that demonstrate the impact of learning with Apple technology. The nearly 700 schools across 36 countries cultivate environments where students are excited and curious about learning. Inspiration and support for teachers We help educators share experiences, ideas, and inspiration, so that they too can get more out of the technology in their classrooms. Apple Teacher is a free online, self-paced professional learning program that helps teachers build their skills and confidence in teaching with Apple technology and earn Apple Teacher recognition. Our Apple Professional Learning Specialists are experts who provide one-on-one coaching sessions and group professional learning workshops for educators, in addition to the support resources available online or via phone. The majority of our educator tools are free, and we offer special pricing on Mac, iPad, and other Apple hardware for education institutions, eligible college students, and education faculty and staff. In March 2022, we unveiled Apple Learning Coach, which is a free professional learning program that trains instructional coaches, digital learning specialists, and other coaching educators to help teachers effectively use Apple technology in the classroom. Through a mix of self-paced lessons and virtual workshop sessions with Apple Professional Learning Specialists, participants come away from the experience with an actionable portfolio, a cohort of peers, and the opportunity to apply for continuing education credits from Lamar University through the Texas Education Agency. Each Apple Learning Coach gains a deeper understanding of how to support teachers where they are, as they integrate technology into learning. Health Apple empowers our users to take control of their health by making it easier to track and share their health and wellness information while always keeping their data secure. This allows for a more informed dialogue with loved ones and doctors, offering the ability to make better health choices on a daily basis. Privacy is a fundamental aspect of our health work. The right place for health information to exist is with a user on their device, and where or how that information is shared should be completely up to the individual. Professional learning is a key piece of Apple’s education offerings. Technology for better health Since launching Apple Watch in 2015, we’ve been constantly inspired by the stories we hear from our users about how using Apple Watch for health and fitness has changed their lives. These range from users who found closing their Activity rings every day motivated them to be in the best shape of their lives to those alerted to a potential irregular heart rhythm who sought medical care to confirm. Stories like those continually drive us to do more for our users. Building on innovative features for Apple Watch like the ECG app, irregular rhythm notifications, and fall detection, Apple recently introduced a variety of services and features to help people on their health and fitness journeys. Apple Fitness+ is an award-winning fitness and wellness service powered by Apple Watch and designed to be welcoming to all, wherever they are in their journey. Fitness+ helps users train their body and mind with a personalized and engaging experience that can be done anytime, anywhere; intelligently incorporates workout metrics from Apple Watch right on the screen; and motivates users from start to finish with music from today’s top artists. Features like Handwashing, Sleep, and Blood Oxygen offer more insights into users’ overall wellness to make more informed decisions for themselves. Apple Watch users can also view a classification of their Cardio Fitness Level — a powerful predictor of overall health — in the Health app, and receive a notification if it falls within the “low” range. The breakthrough technology allows users to better understand their cardio fitness measurements taken right from their own wrist. Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 54

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