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Education For more than 40 years, we’ve worked alongside educators to inspire the next generation of learners, supporting creativity, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. We believe that education can be a great equalizing force, and our goal is to empower all educators and learners through technology that protects student privacy and is accessible for all learners. We develop products, programs, tools, and curricula for educators to create engaging learning experiences, and we support education leaders and administrators so they can get the most out of the technology in the classroom and beyond. Coding is a universal language, and a great way to help students think critically and express their creativity. We’re always working to make it easy and fun to learn to code, with supportive resources like Swift Playgrounds and the Everyone Can Code curriculum. And we work hand in hand with communities — particularly communities of color and others that are under- resourced — to bring coding, creating, and entrepreneurship opportunities to learners of all ages. Products for learning Knowing that everyone has their own way of learning and expressing themselves, we offer products that support students and educators from kindergarten through higher education. iPad provides apps and advanced technologies that help educators teach and students push the boundaries of their creativity. The Augmented Reality capabilities on iPad let students bring digital objects into the real world to spark curiosity and enhance understanding in new, exciting ways. And the powerful Mac processors are equipped for the most intensive tasks, throughout university and far beyond. We also developed Apple School Manager, a free web-based portal that helps IT administrators in K–12 and higher education institutions effortlessly configure, deploy, and manage iPad and Mac devices. Teaching tools Our teaching tools empower educators to personalize the learning experience for each student and manage the classroom to keep every student on task. Our Classroom app serves as a powerful teaching assistant that makes it easy to navigate lessons and share information, while the Schoolwork app aids the distribution and collection of assignments, tracks progress, and supports collaboration with students. Curricula and project guides Our programs help educators integrate creativity and coding into their lessons, even if they’re new to teaching with technology: Everyone Can Create: Gives educators fun and meaningful ways to bring creative expression into any lesson, topic, or assignment. The free guides teach students to develop and communicate ideas through drawing, photography, video, and music, while teacher guides help educators integrate both technology and creativity into every lesson. Everyone Can Code: Guides students through the Swift Playgrounds app on iPad and Mac. This free curriculum and the app teach coding for kids through a world of interactive puzzles Expanding horizons with Inclusive App Design Educators can also try Apple’s new one-hour Inclusive App Design activity to introduce students to the world of coding and app development. During Europe Code Week in October 2021 and through Computer Science Education Week in December 2021, Apple encouraged educators and their students to participate in an introductory Inclusive App Design activity. This new lesson from Apple helps educators guide students through a one- hour session to turn their ideas into apps with inclusion and accessibility in mind. The app design process helps students identify problems they care about, and then plan, prototype, and code creative solutions. It helps students think critically about how to build apps that are inclusive for all and prepares them to be the innovators of tomorrow. and playful characters, and introduce Swift, the same programming language used by professional app developers. Teacher guides support educators in teaching code, even if they have no experience. Develop in Swift: Teaches students ages 14 and over how to use Swift for designing and developing apps through Apple’s integrated development environment, Xcode. In 2020, we launched a free online course taught by Apple experts that helps instructors learn to teach Swift and Xcode. Learn more about how Apple empowers educators and learners of all ages. Read more about Apple’s community education initiatives in Communities ( page 62 ). Appendix Governance Communities Suppliers Customers Our People Environment Introduction Apple’s 2022 ESG Report 53

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