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2021 ESG Report Healthy Planet Products & Packaging — Sustainable Products, Sustainably Sourced We believe in providing our customers with products that meet the highest level of quality and safety, developed with respect for our environment. With our exclusive Store Brand products, we have an opportunity to meet our customers’ evolving needs for transparency and sustainability. We apply robust standards to the production of every product, and we continuously evaluate opportunities to develop new product formulations that meet the evolving consumer desire for more sustainable materials and chemically friendly products. Whenever possible, we seek to reduce or remove substances of concern or reformulate our products, using available ingredients that are safe and effective. Sustainable packaging Showing customers How2Recyle We continually strive to reduce the We’re proud members of the use of plastic and virgin materials Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s and to ensure recyclability for How2Recycle program to promote the packaging of all Store Brand recycling and educate consumers products. on how a product should be recycled through clear and easily understood labeling for consumers. As we converted all of our In 2021, more than one-third of Store Brand women’s hygiene our Store Brand items carried products to sustainable How2Recyle labels offering organic cotton in 2021, we shoppers useful information on expanded these efforts to responsibly disposing of product reduce plastic. We replaced packaging. We are on pace to have the plastic applicators in implemented the How2Recycle six tampon products with process across 75 percent of our applicators made from more packaging by the end of this year than 90 percent plant-based and on 100 percent of Store Brand material. This simple change packaging by 2025. will remove more than three million plastic tampon applicators from the waste stream every year. 64

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