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2021 ESG Report Healthy Planet Sustainable Operations — Reducing Resource Consumption Throughout 2021, we piloted innovative sustainability solutions to reduce the resources we consume and the waste we generate, especially paper and plastic. A more energy-efficient upgrading interior lighting to LED multi-year rollout of innovative footprint in 100 percent of eligible stores control to sync lighting with With retail pharmacies, distribution nationwide, a process we began in operating hours to nearly 800 stores centers, offices and other facilities 2015. We expanded LED lighting in California, realizing more than across the country, our buildings in our retail store exteriors and $770,000 in expense and 4,800,000 are a significant source of our corporate properties, while also MWh savings. total energy consumption — and, completing LED upgrades at 137 as a result, a primary focus of our stores. We achieved our goal of To achieve our long-term goals, energy conservation efforts. In 2021, 100 percent exterior lighting we recognize the need for robust we continued to integrate energy upgrades to LED in the New investment in renewable energy. efficiency into new construction, England region to optimize the use In early 2022, we began exploring retrofit existing spaces, and improve of lighting, heating, ventilation renewable energy alternatives for energy management across our and air conditioning systems in three to five percent of our current footprint. our facilities through an energy energy demand. We are developing management system. Aligning a strategic pathway to add five We transitioned 740 CVS Pharmacy lighting times with operating hours percent annually, to achieve our locations to energy-saving LED resulted in an 8,300,000 MWh goal of 50 percent renewable energy lighting, achieving our goal of reduction. We also continued a by 2040. 2021 Energy savings 33.5K MWh — more than the energy needed to power 3,000 homes for a year 59

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