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Accountability Accountability for our leaders encompasses achieving goals, owning actions, and communicating progress to our employees. Our commitment, outlined in IBM’s 2022 Proxy Statement , is to measure our executives globally in their annual incentive program with a modifier for diversity results. The diversity modifier is based on improvement in executive representation for women globally and US underrepresented minority (URM) groups (specifically, Black and Hispanic) executives in the US. Our goal remains to improve and close the gap in representation in these key areas. We set goals across our business segments globally and met the diversity modifier in 2021 with an improvement in the executive representation of women globally, and Black and Hispanic executives in the United States by 1.0 point, 1.5 points, and 0.4 points, respectively. Our three-year trend shows an increase year over year in women globally and most US minority group representation and hiring across four categories: overall representation, management, executive, and technical (see pages 27-28 for more detail). Further, we committed to disclose our US EEO-1 data in 2022; you will find the unofficial submission as of December 31, 2021, on page 28 . Equitable impact ↗ Diversity and inclusion Through our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey at IBM, our goal is to provide a culture of inclusion and belonging for all IBMers. The purpose is to establish trust among IBMers by creating a more diverse workforce, cultivating a flexible work environment, enabling an inclusive culture, and advocating for equity, both inside and outside IBM. We foster a culture of conscious inclusion and active allyship where every IBMer can make a positive impact on society while bringing their authentic selves to work. As we navigated through the second year of the pandemic in 2021, we focused on helping IBMers become better, stronger, adaptable, and more resilient. We created an environment to meet employees where they were, including their needs on flexibility, hybrid work schedule options, additional time off, and enhanced benefits through mental health support and Employee Assistance Program offerings. Our four strategic priorities include accountability, advocacy, allyship, and employee experience, which measure our progress through actions and outcomes. We believe that transparency, accountability, action, and progress garner trust. 20 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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