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IBMers’ skills and leadership development IBM invests in its employees’ professional development with a range of advanced tools and resources that empower IBMers to direct their own career paths and build the skills required to pursue their goals. Our focus in 2021 was promoting wider awareness and use of our online resources among IBMers. Your Career and Learning is our digital platform that uses Watson AI technology to generate personalized recommendations and direct employees to learning resources. Your Learning Boost is an app that enables IBMers to collaborate and share their learning goals and achievements. Your Career at IBM is designed to help IBMers assess their current skills, identify ones they need for new roles, and find career opportunities within IBM. It connects IBMers to certification programs, as well as coaching and mentoring to supplement their development. Leadership development We seek to empower every IBMer to understand and demonstrate the behaviors that bring our culture to life. As part of this work, we launched the IBM Growth Behaviors: Growth Minded, Trusted, Team Focused, Courageous, Resourceful, and Outcome Focused. These six behaviors reflect the mindset and habits IBMers need to drive new ideas, collaboration, inclusion, and speed to unleash IBM’s full potential and accelerate growth. They represent who we are today as a company, as well as guide us on where we should all focus to continuously evolve. IBM leaders were activated through digital enablement and workshops, while senior leaders were activated through key activities within the Acceleration Team. Most notably, the growth behaviors were embedded across strategic HR portfolios so that they represent what we look for when we hire, how we recognize and reward teams, and how we measure engagement and performance, as well as how we assess, select, and develop leaders. During 2021: – The IBM Growth Behaviors site, launched in Q1 with digital enablement learning and resources, was visited by over 32,000 IBMers, followed in Q2 by the IBM Growth Leadership Workshop, completed by more than 9,700 leaders over 454 sessions. Our entire Leadership Development portfolio was updated to align with the growth behaviors, including a new “Candid Feedback” workshop and digital enablement. – The Acceleration Team received presentations by external thought leaders, team activations sessions, workshops, and a Culture Cue weekly series. Professional coaches aligned the growth behaviors. – Our leadership assessments across all leadership levels were updated with Growth Behaviors 360 and Growth Assessment for Motivation and Preferences, replacing a variety of existing assessments to drive coherence and behavior change at scale. Apprenticeships and returnships The IBM Apprenticeship Program provides an entry point into IBM for people with relevant skills but without advanced degrees—what we call “new collar” talent. Our registered, competency-based program enables apprentices to be paid while they learn skills for various strategic roles. Launched in 2017, the program began with software engineering and has expanded to more than 20 occupations, including data science, cybersecurity, and design. We expect to surpass 1,000 apprenticeship hires by year-end 2022, and more than 90% of past program graduates have become full-time IBMers. The IBM Tech Re-Entry Program seeks people looking to rejoin the workforce after a career break. This paid “returnship” provides a path back to full-time employment and helps individuals modernize their skills with learning, plus mentorship from IBM experts. Available in nine countries, this initiative is also providing opportunities to people whose careers were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2019 2020 2021 Employee learning Per capita investment ($) 1,321 940 1,124 Total hours worldwide (M) 29.0 32.5 22.5 Hours per employee 77.0 88.0 84 Investments worldwide ($M) 452 308 298 Unless expressly noted otherwise, 2021 results in tables throughout this report include Kyndryl until November 2021. 29 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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