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Advocacy Advocacy is about increasing opportunity through investments, partnership programs, external advocacy, and legislation. We donated $2 million to our partners advocating for diversity. Throughout the year, we supported several bills brought forth to the US Congress in support of our diverse communities of IBMers: – The Equality Act, to extend Civil Rights Act protections to the LGBTQ+ communities, February 2021 – The Dream Act, to provide protections and certainty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), or DREAMers, March 2021 – The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, to address constitutional rights, March 2021 – Hate crime legislation passed in Arkansas, April 2021 – Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Hate Crimes Bill, passed in US Congress, May 2021 Emb(race) Emb(race),™ created in June 2020, is both a call to action and organizing principle that began with a pledge empowering IBM and IBMers to call for change to ensure racial equality. The commitment to sustained action with measurable outcomes, demonstrated through the tenets of Emb(race), continued to build momentum in 2021 with the development of four core pillars focused on representation and transparency, creating economic opportunity, leading in good technology, and social justice policy advocacy. This year, IBM will continue to push back against inequity and further drive the Emb(race) advocacy campaign. Emb(race) illustrates our collective stance and shared vision for continued advocacy, actions, and accountability toward mitigating implicit bias. – Surpassed $100 million given in kind to historically Black colleges and universities – Total diverse supplier spend in Americas exceeds $1 billion – Exceeded goal with more than 1,000 opportunities for P-TECH® students Call for Code for Racial Justice The Call for Code for Racial Justice developer challenge, launched in 2020, resulted in seven projects that are now available as open source solutions. Since its launch, the open source community has grown to more than 3,000 members who have been engaged in community events and contributed to the projects. Call for Code for Racial Justice also launched a premier partnership with YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles to deploy Five Fifths Voter—a solution for fighting voter suppression—as part of its civic engagement programming for its 500,000 constituents. It also received the Inclusion and Diversity Award at All Things Open for its work with Five Fifths Voter. Racial Equity in Design In 2021, IBM designers led several efforts to champion Racial Equity in Design , which focuses on ensuring diversity of thought and strengthening the pipeline in design careers for IBM and the industry at large. The IBM Design organization represents a diverse community of design practitioners and leaders who guide others through enterprise experiences. The team of designers collaborated to sponsor the State of Black Design Conference and a CBS syndicated TV show, America By Design , and also created the IBM Design Honorary Scholar program. We created a national conversation about racial equity in the design industry due to the lack of diverse talent in this career track. As a result, we doubled the number of Black designers at IBM, to nearly triple the industry average. HBCU commitment In 2020, we committed an investment of $100 million in assets, technology, and resources for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs)—integrating access to IBM Skills Academy, coursework, instructor training, and curriculum reviews. In addition to our Quantum Research Innovation Centers, we will partner with more than 20 HBCUs to establish cybersecurity leadership centers to build a more diverse US cyber workforce. OneTen Propelled by a powerful and common vision of mobilizing 1 million Black people into family-sustaining jobs in 10 years, OneTen welcomed 17,000 hires across its network of 60 companies and supported the promotion of 4,000 Black employees within the same organizations in 2021. IBM launched as the Raleigh-Durham market leader for OneTen in June 2021 and has since partnered with OneTen leadership to develop its talent development, transformation, and platform strategies. The IBM team designed and hosted monthly Skills First Working Group webinars and office hours, managing the security and development of the talent platform. The latter represents a $1.3 million gift to OneTen and our collective vision. 21 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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