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Arvind Krishna Chairman and Chief Executive Officer IBMers have always applied their time, talent, and technology to make a meaningful impact in the world, evolving the nature of their work over time to meet the most urgent needs of society. This is true in both IBM’s core business and in the many ways IBMers engage with the global community. Today, that includes standing with the people of Ukraine. IBM condemns Russia’s war against Ukraine in the strongest terms. We suspended business in Russia and are taking steps to protect IBMers in that country who may be facing difficult circumstances. We covered the costs of relocating IBM employees in Ukraine to neighboring countries and are providing for their physical and mental health. IBMers are supporting the Red Cross in Ukraine, and IBM is matching all employee donations to the organization. Letter from the Chairman and CEO ↗ 4 IBM 2021 ESG Report 4 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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