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P-TECH P-TECH is a global education and career readiness model that combines public high school and no-cost community college, along with mentoring and paid workplace experiences from industry partners, equipping graduates to start a new collar career, continue their education, or both. Since its 2011 launch, the program has grown to include over 300 schools with more than 600 industry partners, and has provided over 1,000 paid IBM internships in the United States. Tech for social impact IBM Sustainability Accelerator The IBM Sustainability Accelerator is IBM’s new flagship social impact program for the environment. Launched in February 2022, it provides pro bono delivery of IBM technologies and an ecosystem of experts to enhance and scale nonprofit and governmental interventions. Our goal is to help populations that are especially vulnerable to environmental threats including climate change, extreme weather, and pollution. IBM has invited organizations worldwide to submit proposals for projects that would benefit from IBM’s expertise and support, and we plan to engage with approximately five of such organizations each year. As part of a pilot launch in 2021, IBM supported projects from three organizations, all focused on sustainable agriculture. One is a collaboration with Heifer International to develop scalable, affordable digital solutions designed to equip farmers’ cooperatives in Malawi with weather and crop yield forecasts, to help increase their yields and incomes. Another project, with The Nature Conservancy India, is building a public information platform to help eliminate crop residue burning in North India, while the third is a collaboration with the Plan21 Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, to help smallholder farmers in Latin America manage crops more sustainably. For 2022, the RFP focus is “clean energy,” and through April 2022 IBM is seeking proposals from nonprofit and governmental organizations for tech-driven initiatives that advance the equity, science, and/or scholarship associated with clean energy usage and/or transition. 2019 2020 2021 Total contributions worldwide ($M) 728.9 394.9 † 470.6 Contributions by type ($M) Technology 629.8 317.1 387.8 Services 62.0 36.8 42.1 Cash 37.1 41.0 40.7 Contributions by issue ($M) Education 708.1 367.8 456.8 Human Services 8.2 13.7 3.9 Environment 1.8 4.3 3.9 Health 5.3 3.7 3.5 Culture 3.3 2.0 0.5 Other 2.2 3.4 2.0 Contributions by region ($M) Europe, Middle East, Africa 279.3 129.1 167.6 Asia Pacific 160.0 69.6 150.2 North America 235.3 168.3 106.4 Latin America 54.3 27.9 46.4 † Reflects year-to-year decrease due to COVID-19 pandemic of approximately $334 million in IBM Academic Initiative software contributions reported in Education and Technology, and across all regions. IBM giving worldwide IBM has a comprehensive giving strategy that allows us to provide the breadth of our services, technology, and cash giving to support our Corporate Social Responsibility mission and priorities in education and skills, sustainability, social justice, and others. Our giving strategy is global and focuses on areas where IBM seeks to make a significant impact on those with the greatest need for the support we provide. 32 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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