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Call for Code Call for Code is the largest tech-for-good initiative of its kind, with over 500,000 developers from 180 nations creating open source solutions since 2018 to address natural disasters, racial justice, COVID-19, and more. The 2021 challenge sought solutions that combat climate change in three focus areas: clean water and sanitation, zero hunger, and responsible production and green consumption. The top prize went to Saaf water , an accessible water quality sensor and analytics platform for people living in rural localities. Leveraging IBM’s Service Corps, we will work with Saaf water to incubate, test, and deploy their solution in communities relying on groundwater for domestic use. AI incubator In 2021, IBM conducted an AI incubator to help social impact organizations explore and use high-impact data science and AI projects to advance their missions. IBM AI for Social Good invited proposals and selected four organizations with three projects to work with IBM AI experts, while leveraging the power of the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data as a Service platform. The goal was to support organizations with an identified gap or aspiration in data and AI, and help them enhance their long-term impact in the communities they serve. The three projects included an effort to analyze social disparities in the criminal justice system of the state of Alabama using AI and data science tools, a project to analyze the relationship between low-wage workers’ financial characteristics and their probability of experiencing financial distress, and a third to help an organization that distributes diapers and other hygiene products to low-income families create a more comprehensive understanding of its clients’ needs. Science for Social Good IBM Research® continued its long-standing Science for Social Good program to conduct joint research with social change organizations, and develop algorithmic solutions for problems relevant to their missions. In 2021, the goal was to work with organizations from different areas of the social sector and devise a common, reusable solution framework to address their needs. The team developed a novel restless multi-armed bandit algorithm to support the decision making of Breaking Ground in homeless outreach, Change Machine in financial coaching for socioeconomically disadvantaged people, and Leket in gleaning unharvested food. Learn more at IBM Research . IBM Volunteers IBM Volunteers® leverages the collective power of people and resources to ensure meaningful impact worldwide. The program supports active and retired IBMers who donate their time and talents to academia, grassroots initiatives, and organizations helping to build our communities—and their efforts can qualify for IBM grants to the eligible organizations they support. Volunteers can use activity kits that equip them to introduce technologies such as coding and cybersecurity, or deliver engaging projects focused on recycling, AI, and more. IBM Volunteers has more than 89,000 registered users who recorded over 860,000 volunteer hours in 2021. IBM has established a goal of registering 4 million volunteer hours by 2025. IBM Service Corps gives IBMers the opportunity to use their professional skills to help communities tackle complex challenges in education, humanitarian efforts, cybersecurity, and economic development. Since 2008, IBM Service Corps has engaged over 4,000 employees in teams to undertake 456 projects in 54 countries. 2019 2020 2021 Volunteering Worldwide retiree/employee hours 1.25M 2.02M 860K † † Impacted by remote working due to COVID-19, and partly by the Kyndryl spinoff. 500K Since 2018, over 500,000 Call for Code developers have created open source solutions to global humanitarian challenges. 33 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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