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IBMers have mobilized and are participating in multiple volunteering initiatives, once again showcasing the best of IBM values and culture. The war situation is fast evolving as of the writing of this report, but we know IBMers around the world remain unified in our hope that peace can be quickly restored. We commend world leaders who have acted decisively in hopes of expediting an end to this war. IBM does not condone violence or acts of aggression, and we firmly condemn the Russian war in Ukraine. Thanks to the continued generosity of IBMers around the world, we have now raised over $1.85 million ($925,000 in IBMer donations, plus a $925,000 company match) for the International Committee of the Red Cross. IBM also donated $250,000 each to two local organizations that are providing critical support to the most heavily impacted areas along the borders of and in Ukraine: People in Need, and Polish Humanitarian Action. The safety and security of IBMers is at the heart of all our decisions, and our top priority is IBMers and their families in the impacted regions. Since February 2022, we have been providing them with relocation assistance, financial support, and other forms of direct engagement. On March 7, 2022, IBM announced the suspension of business activities in Russia. The war in Ukraine and IBM’s efforts ↗ 6 IBM 2021 ESG Report 6 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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