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consumed (rPerf/kilowatt [KW]) by 34% over previous- generation IBM Power9-based servers. IBM Power® has a 20-plus-year history of improved system performance per watt. Since the release of our first system with Power4 processors in 2001, to the release of our Power10 processor-based servers in 2021, the IBM Power family has improved its performance by a factor of 43. When performance is measured per unit of power consumed (rPerf/KW), the IBM Power processor-based servers show a 64x improvement. IBM continues to certify products under the US EPA ENERGY STAR program. In 2021, IBM had five Power9-based server models subject to ENERGY STAR criteria, and four of them were certified (models S914, S922, S924, and E950). No IBM Power10 servers released in 2021 were subject to the ENERGY STAR criteria. IBM also had four storage products certified to ENERGY STAR in 2021. CO 2 emissions reduction In 2020, IBM’s operational CO 2 emissions decreased by 56.6% against base year 2005, adjusted for acquisitions and divestitures. IBM does not purchase nature-based carbon offsets to claim any reduction of IBM’s emissions. IBM will publish its 2021 progress against its new GHG emissions reduction goal in June 2022, together with its 2021 GHG emissions inventory. Product energy efficiency IBM designs its products to be energy efficient, incorporate recycled content and environmentally preferable materials, and facilitate reuse and recycling at their end of life. For more than two decades, IBM has maintained a goal to improve the computing power delivered for each kilowatt-hour of electricity consumed for new server products as compared to equivalent, previous-generation products with a valid upgrade path. IBM’s latest Power10-based server, the E1080, was released in 2021 and improved the work delivered per unit of power 64x improvement 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 Power10 Power9 Power8 Power7 Power6+ Power6 Power5+ Power5 Power4+ Power4 Hundreds (rPerf/KW) References: IBM Power Performance Report Power7 to Power10 IBM Power Systems Performance Report Archive (Power8, Power7, Power6, and Power5) Notes: – Comparisons are made for Power processors generation to generation based on a possible server upgrade path from machine to machine. – Values for Power4 through Power6+ are based on rPerf SMT2.  For Power7, high-end rPerf values are based on SMT4. Power8 and Power9 rPerf SMT4 values are used. – Power consumption values published are based on the IBM “Maximum Measured Power Consumption,” which is the greatest overall power consumption based on the largest configuration and highest utilization. While the rPerf configurations are smaller and may not be operating at 100% utilization, for a fair comparison between models with a power consumption consistently published, the maximum measured power consumption is used. IBM Power relative performance per kilowatt energy consumed (rPerf/KW) improvement 43 IBM 2021 ESG Report

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