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People INCLUSION Racial & Social Equity Goals & Representation At Starbucks, we are on a journey to advance racial and social equity for our partners, our community and our society. Our work to advance inclusion, diversity and equity has already led to important policies, programs and initiatives. We are building on the work in our prior Civil Rights Assessments, conducted by Covington & Burling, including the recommendation to hire a chief inclusion & diversity officer and to set and meet representation goals for Black, 6 Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) partners and women partners across the company. Starbucks continues its efforts to achieve 2025 representation goals, including achieving at least 30% BIPOC representation at all corporate levels and at least 40% in all retail and manufacturing roles. We also aim to achieve 55% women in all retail roles, 50% women in corporate roles and 30% women in manufacturing roles by 2025. We are working to ensure that our partners represent the communities they are part of and serve. Use our interactive tool to view additional demographic data of Starbucks partners. FY21 Results: Diversity in Retail Stores FY21 Results: Diversity in Corporate Roles FY21 Results: Diversity in Manufacturing Roles Goal: Our partner base will include 40% BIPOC partners and at Goal: We aim to achieve at least 30% BIPOC representation and Goal: We will achieve 40% BIPOC representation and 30% least 55% women partners in all retail roles in the U.S. by 2025. 50% representation of women for all enterprise roles by 2025. representation of women for manufacturing roles in the U.S. by 2025. ROLE BIPOC WOMEN ROLE BIPOC WOMEN ROLE BIPOC WOMEN Regional Vice President 20% 65% Senior Vice President+ 22% 59% Director 13% 13% Regional Director 30% 52% Vice President 32% 49% Manager 24% 28% District Manager 32% 60% Director 29% 56% Individual Contributor 49% 34% Store Manager 37% 69% Manager 30% 54% Shift Supervisor 45% 70% Individual Contributor 38% 54% Barista 50% 73% Board Diversity FY21 Results: Our Board of Directors has 55% BIPOC representation (6 out of 11 members) and 36% representation of women (4 out of 11 members). In FY21, Starbucks announced that Mellody Hobson would build on her experience since joining the Starbucks board of directors in 2005 by serving as the company’s non-executive chair. At the time of this groundbreaking announcement, only 15 companies where the director is not also the CEO among the S&P 500 had a female chair, and none of the women represented identified as Black. Starbucks joined the Board Diversity Action Alliance to act alongside peer companies as part of our commitment to representation of racially and ethnically diverse directors on Starbucks corporate boards of directors. The Board Diversity Action Alliance works to increase the representation of racially and ethnically diverse directors on corporate boards of directors, beginning with Black directors. Our full disclosure is in the 6Demographic percentages represented in this section have been rounded. 2022 Proxy Statement on page 26.

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