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Planet Animal Welfare Cage Free Eggs Antibiotics Sow Housing Just as with our coffee, Starbucks goal is for everything we sell to be produced FY21 Results: In the U.S. and Europe, FY21 Results: As of 2018, all poultry FY21 Results: Developed plan under high quality and ethical standards. For the food and dairy we serve, 100% of shelled eggs are certified featured in Starbucks products in to phase out excessive use of this means a commitment to social responsibility standards with animal cage-free. In the U.S., 99.3% of stores in the U.S. is raised without gestation stalls. 24 welfare as a primary focus. We are committed to working with and buying liquid eggs are certified cage-free. the routine use of antibiotics. We In December 2021, Starbucks from farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to humane practices Since Starbucks first began buying work closely with our suppliers to released an updated sow housing throughout an animal’s lifecycle. FY21 has brought a renewed focus on Animal cage-free eggs in 2008, we have continue to ensure they meet this commitment for North America. Welfare, and we have launched an internal Animal Welfare working group and made significant progress, increasing commitment. Starbucks is phasing out the steering committee to continue to improve our commitments. Please view our purchases year-over-year. In Starbucks engaged with our excessive use of gestation stalls for Starbucks Animal Welfare-Friendly practices. FY21, Starbucks received a Good Egg suppliers and set a goal to serve the sows (mother pig) in our supply award from Compassion in World only poultry raised without the chain by 2030. The excessive use Farming’s 2021 Egg Track Report for routine use of medically important of gestation stalls would include the progress we’ve made against our antibiotics in all company-operated stalls where gestating sows do not cage-free egg commitment in the U.S. stores by 2020. In 2018, we have the ability to turn around. U.S. and Europe. In FY21, all of the met that goal two years ahead of This commitment extends to shelled eggs we use in our products schedule. The poultry we serve has all Starbucks branded products, in the U.S. and Europe are certified been raised without the routine use including those supplied to our cage-free, and all of the liquid eggs of antibiotics. licensee business partners in the we use in Europe and 99.3% of the U.S. and Canada. To reach our goal liquid eggs used in the U.S. are of phasing out the excessive use certified cage-free. While there have of gestation stalls, we will specify been great strides in availability of 100% “group-housed” pork as a the cage-free egg supply in the U.S. requirement of our pork suppliers and Europe, there is still work to be in the U.S. and Canada and take done across the industry to increase steps to ensure a “group-housed” supply to address market availability pork supply in 2024. We expect to globally. In Asian company-operated demonstrate meaningful progress markets such as China and Japan, towards this goal in 2023. Group the production of cage-free eggs is housing will significantly reduce a not widespread and supply is not sow’s time in a gestation stall. yet available at scale. Starbucks will continue to engage and consult with industry stakeholders on increasing the available supply in order to achieve our goal for company- operated stores. 24 Our goal is to source 100% cage-free eggs globally. The geographic scope of this data point includes all company-owned and operated markets in the U.S. and Europe.

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