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Planet FY22 HIGHLIGHTS TO DATE Starbucks Journey to Innovative Reusable Cup NextGen Consortium Fueling the Future Sustainable Dairy Programs As a founding member of the In FY22, Starbucks continues As a company that works with and Starbucks continues to test “Borrow- NextGen Consortium, Starbucks has to rapidly expand its roster relies on the farming community A-Cup” or Returnable Cup operating been working to address single-use of renewable energy and every day, it is Starbucks models in the U.S., U.K., Japan and food packaging alongside leading decarbonization projects in the responsibility to help drive solutions Singapore, with more countries food and beverage companies United States, including a new that support both people and in the year ahead. In addition, the globally. In October 2021, Starbucks partnership with Volvo to electrify our planet and that help ensure a company continues to encourage and McDonald’s announced a the driving route from the Colorado $ sustainable future of dairy. In FY22, customers to bring their own cup joint 10 million investment in the Rockies to the Starbucks Support we launched a collaborative effort and emphasize for-here-ware as NextGen Consortium to identify, Center in Seattle. Beginning this with dairy farmers and The Nature the default sit-and-stay experience, accelerate and scale commercially summer, Volvo electric vehicle Conservancy while exploring new customer viable, circular foodservice chargers, powered by ChargePoint, to help refine and scale an approach to sustainable dairy and incentives and technologies, like cup packaging solutions. will be available at up to 15 Starbucks environmental stewardship for the washing stations at café counters. In stores along the route as part of betterment of people, planet and FY22, Starbucks announced that Waste and Recycling App the company’s 2,700 Greener animals. by the end of 2023, customers will Store portfolio. The company be able to use their own personal In FY22, Starbucks launched a new will use these pilots to explore Expanded Greener Stores reusable cup for every Starbucks Partner Waste and Recycling App, how EV charging and emerging visit in the U.S. – including in café, developed by partners as part of the technology will intersect with the Starbucks Greener Stores support drive-thru and mobile order and Greener Stores Innovation Challenge, Starbucks Experience of the future our Planet Positive goals with pay. Our goal, over time, is to give designed to help partners navigate and changing trends in retail. By performance-based standards customers easy access to a personal complex and unique store recycling 2030, Starbucks aspires to lead the that incorporate design and extend or Starbucks provided reusable cup guidelines. The app puts everything retail industry in decarbonization throughout the life of a store. In for every visit making it convenient partners need to know to reduce solutions, including Electric Vehicle December 2021, we opened the to reuse wherever customers are waste and recycle in one place; it charging and onsite solar availability doors to Japan’s first Greener enjoying their Starbucks Experience. features store specific information at stores and in adjacent locations. Store in Tokyo, which will serve and notifications, a sorting guide and Starbucks will continue to expand its as a sustainability hub, informing the option to create store specific solar pilot locations to 55 new stores Starbucks Greener Stores expansion signage for partners and customers. this year. across Japan. Starbucks will continue the international expansion of this program with Greener Stores opening in the U.K. and Chile.

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