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Governance Human Rights At Starbucks, we are committed to respecting human rights, as outlined in Our global commitment to fundamental human rights is a core component our Global Human Rights Statement, which was updated in FY20. Throughout of how we engage our partners. Starbucks respects the inherent dignity of all FY21, we continued to embed our updated Global Human Rights Statement people and seeks to enable partners to do their best work by embracing and into our various internal and external stakeholder communication, training valuing the unique combination of talents, experiences and perspectives they and due diligence systems. each bring to our work. We adhere to ILO Core Labor Standards, including the Throughout the year, we continued to work diligently to demonstrate our rights to freedom of association and participation in collective bargaining. While commitment to human rights and human rights due diligence through our we do not believe third-party representation is necessary at Starbucks, we various People Positive initiatives, from ensuring that the coffee we serve respect our partners’ right to organize and we want partners to be informed as to our customers is ethically sourced to advancing racial and social equity, they make decisions about engaging with third-party representation. Starbucks LGBTQIA2+ rights and disability inclusion throughout our operations. created the “We Are One Starbucks” website with critical information and resources for partners who may be exploring joining or engaging with a union. For instance, within our Tier 1 coffee supply chain, we leveraged our flagship See data tables at the end of this report for FY21 performance results and trends. C.A.F.E. Practices program to identify and initiate corrective action plans for zero tolerance non-conformities in FY21. For each zero tolerance non- conformity brought to our attention through C.A.F.E. Practices, we swiftly addressed them by working closely with our suppliers and our on-the- ground, third-party partners to pursue corrective actions, including, where appropriate, providing remedy for the impacted individuals. See our program scorecard for the full list of human rights topics we cover. On the manufactured goods side, whether it’s the merchandise on our shelves or the furniture we place in our stores, we continued to implement our ethical sourcing program and standards for manufactured goods and services, which includes on-the-ground factory assessments and assurance measures to identify and remediate potential and actual violations. While the COVID-19 pandemic limited our ability to conduct these on-the-ground assessments, we were nevertheless able to achieve a significant milestone in FY21: the mapping of and transparency into 98% of our Tier 1 manufactured goods supply chain. Going forward, we now have the transparency we need to influence, measure and report the performance of nearly our entire Tier 1 manufactured goods supply base.

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