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challenges, they have been estimated based on waste audits, where FY2021 was U.S. based associates only; and in FY2022 we historical data, extrapolation for similar facilities in size and scope, included the count of associates trained who subsequent to the etc. The 2016 baseline was adjusted to remove markets (Argentina, completion of the training, left the company. N Japan, U.K.) that have since been divested; reported reduction is vs. O 55. Walmart measures its chemical footprint in terms of priority TI this adjusted baseline. C chemicals, or PCs based on supplier reports collected through U D 47. See note 6 above. Previously, the 2020 percentage was reported UL WERCSmart for in-scope products sold. Walmart references O as 59%; during our 2021 quality assurance review for our regulatory and authoritative lists to determine priority chemicals. NTR 2020 comparative period, we found 4 suppliers with reporting These lists can be found at https://www.walmartsustainabilityhub. I errors that affected our prior year reporting. com/sustainable-chemistry/implementation-guide/appendices. Our Y 48. See note 44 above. Previously, the 2020 percentage was footprint covers in-scope formulated consumables products within T beauty, personal care, baby, pet and household cleaning products I reported as 9%; during our 2021 quality assurance review for our N sold by Walmart U.S. stores and Sam’s Clubs in the U.S. In any given TU 2020 comparative period, we found 4 suppliers with reporting R year, an increase or decrease in UPC volume weight disclosures O errors that affected our prior year reporting. P may impact reporting. To learn about formulation disclosure, P O 49. See note 43 above. please visit Section 2: Transparency of our Sustainable Chemistry 50. Based on RBA membership (regular or full category) or Implementation Guide. Y 56. Our baseline year chemical footprint combined for Walmart U.S. T implementing the RBA Validated Assessment Program for each I IL disclosed facility. stores and Sam’s Club U.S. locations was restated from 220.8 million B A pounds of priority chemicals (PC) weight to 215.9 million pounds of IN 51. Amount provided by Walmart in local cash grants to organizations PC weight based on formulations that our suppliers inadvertently A Walmart ST and programs that serve communities near our stores, clubs and assigned to the wrong Universal Product Code (UPC) registrations U S distribution centers in the U.S. WalmartInc in UL’s WERCSmart. We updated the baseline to report the correct @ 52. Based on reports from Feeding America. progress on our reduction goal. Suppliers provided product Y formulations to UL WERCSmart for 95% of in-scope UPCs. th IT 53. As a practical matter the Great for You is typically found on 702 S.W. 8 St. N 57. According to NOAA: Bentonville, AR 72716, USA U qualifying packaged items, as opposed to individual qualifying fresh M produce items. Excluding qualified fresh produce items, as of May 3, blogs/beyond-data/2021-us-billion-dollar-weather-and-climate- 1-800-925-6278 or 1-800-WALMART OM 2022, approximately 11% of active food and consumable items in the disasters-historical#:~:text=In%202021%2C%20the%20U.S.%20 C help experienced,billion%2Ddollar%20events%20in%202020. @ Great Value, Marketside and Parent’s Choice private brands carry Y the Great for You Icon. 58. See note 11 above. T I R 54. In FY2021 we reported that more than 290,000 associates were G E trained in at least one food safety course. In FY2022 we reported NT that more than 980,000 associates globally were trained in at least I & one food safety course. The FY2022 number is higher due to but S C I not limited to the following changes: FY2022 we offered more food TH safety training courses; training was disproportionately impacted in E FY2021 by the COVID-19 pandemic; FY2022 includes all associates 50

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