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Leadership letters this approach in all aspects of our business and help guide us. company donated more than $1.5 billion in cash, food and other A MESSAGE FROM OUR CHIEF Throughout our journey, we have set goals, measured progress products globally. Our experience confirms for us that, when EXECUTIVE OFFICER and reported on that progress. And we continually push we understand what a community needs and partner with As the world continues to change, I’m often asked, “What ourselves, which is why we elevated our aspiration by making a others, we can strengthen the environment to create more N is the role of business in society today?” Our founder, Sam commitment to become a regenerative company—one that puts opportunities for the people who live there and end up with a O TI Walton, gave us a timeless and meaningful purpose to save people and nature at the center of our business practices. This stronger business. C U people money and help them live a better life. As we celebrate D commitment touches all parts of our business. It is anchored O th Regeneration also means strengthening our planet. This spring, Walmart’s 60 anniversary this year, that purpose still guides in our purpose—and we do that in a way that strives to create NTR us as we work to create environmental, social and economic we hit a major milestone with Project Gigaton™: We are halfway I equitable opportunity for our associates and suppliers, enhance progress in ways that strengthen our business and benefit our the sustainability of retail and product supply chains, help toward our goal to reduce or avoid one billion metric tons of Y stakeholders. We believe a business’s long-term success will create more resilient communities and operate with the highest greenhouse gases from the global supply chain by 2030. Since T I 2017, our suppliers have reported a cumulative total of more N depend on its work to help create a strong, resilient society standards of ethics and integrity. TU —for all. than 574 million metric tons of emissions reduced or avoided. R O Having a healthy business for the long-term requires healthy Additionally, we recently raised $2 billion through our first green P P In 2005, we committed to shifting our mindset and broadening relationships and a healthy planet. It also requires trust. It starts bond and for the past four years we have received an A or A- O our view to take a multi-stakeholder approach to our business. with us living our value of acting with integrity. We aim to do score from CDP for our transparency on climate action. Y This means not only do we want to be the primary destination that throughout all our work. T After 60 years in business, we are reflecting on the moments of I for our customers and return value to our shareholders, but IL B we want to do it in a way that creates value for all stakeholders There is a path of opportunity for everyone here. As I’ve visited celebration, challenge and change throughout our history. These A IN —including our associates, suppliers and other partners, stores, clubs and DCs over the past year, I’ve enjoyed talking milestones have a way of making you think about the future. A ST communities and the planet. As we engage and serve our with the many associates who are creating long, meaningful Though you’ll see some of the progress we’ve made this past U S stakeholders, we grow and strengthen our business—and vice careers at Walmart. Last year, we promoted more than year in this report, we know there’s more to be done. We will versa. If the past couple years have reinforced anything, it’s the 135,000 associates to positions of greater responsibility and continue to look for ways to make a difference and remain eager Y we continue to support and invest in them with job training, to collaborate—we need more businesses and NGOs, as well as IT need for this kind of shared value approach. N rising wages and by making it easier to gain a college degree governments, to get involved and do more. This work requires U M At Walmart, this isn’t something sprinkled throughout our or certificate by covering the costs of tuition and books collective action. OM business or added on as an afterthought—we strive to use C through our Live Better U program. In the U.S., 40 percent When our children and grandchildren look back at the work of management promotions went to people of color and we’re doing now, I hope it’s clear we were part of the solution— Y 45 percent to women. Creating opportunities for people is an T working every day to make this world a better place. For as long I R important part of our work to become a regenerative company G as we’re on this planet, Walmart will keep doing just that. E and we believe our success will depend on advancing prosperity NT I and equity for all. & S C I It is also at the heart of our work with communities. When TH E disaster strikes, we are there with food, water and helping hands—but we are there every day strengthening communities. Doug McMillon Last year, in the U.S. alone, our associates volunteered close President and Chief Executive Officer 8 to 1,000 hours a day to causes they care about and the Walmart Inc.

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