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N O TI C U D O NTR I Y T I N TU R O P P O PHYSICAL WELL‑BEING DIGITAL Y T I In 2022, Walmart offered medical coverage starting at Walmart continues to integrate technology into our jobs to IL B $31.40 per pay period for full- and part-time associates when improve experiences for customers and associates alike. In 2021, A IN eligible. Enrolled associates have access to Walmart’s Centers we unveiled Me@Walmart, an app for U.S. store associates A ST of Excellence program, which provides quality care, often that helps connect them with their leader, their team and their U S at zero cost, through partnerships with the Mayo Clinic and work. The app allows associates to simplify daily tasks such as Y other leading health centers for serious medical conditions scheduling, clocking in, locating merchandise for customers IT such as spine and cardiac surgery, cancer evaluations and joint and communicating with other associates. To support use of N U replacements. Our Included Health program offers associates the app, Walmart is equipping U.S. store associates with new M enrolled in most medical plans access to expert second opinions smart phones, free of charge. We have provided more than OM C and help finding a high-quality doctor. 740,000 devices and plan to expand the program to most U.S. store associates by the end of FY2023. Y EMOTIONAL WELL‑BEING T I R G E Associates in the U.S. receive benefits aimed at enhancing NT I emotional well-being. For example, all associates and their & S families, regardless of whether they are on a Walmart medical C I plan, can receive support through Resources for Living, TH E including ten counseling sessions per type of concern at no cost and unlimited telephone support. 18

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