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67 SUSTAINABILITY CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT Our 2020 CDP Water score was an A-, due in part to our efforts to expand our global water accounting and conduct a Source Water Vulnerability Assessment for our Melville campus (in fiscal 2020), among other initiatives. Read more about our approach to water management in our CDP Water response. Updated the water risk assessment for our manufacturing sites and select innovation sites . The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate physical, social, and regulatory risks and water stress at the watershed level. We refreshed the baseline water risk screening assessment for our global manufacturing and innovation sites to reflect updated data in the World Resources Institute (WRI) Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas and to incorporate global subject matter expertise. The updated assessment confirms that our Melville, New York, facilities remain in a water-stressed region. Completed a source water vulnerability assessment at our Northtec campus in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The source vulnerability assessment examines the physical, regulatory, and social components of the local water supply and identifies potential vulnerabilities within the local watershed. Based on this analysis, the watershed and groundwater basin were determined to be adequate. There are occasional threats to the water supply from events such as droughts or severe storms; however, the assessment did not uncover persistent water availability concerns. Completed water conservation studies at our Agincourt and Whitman facilities in the United Kingdom to identify opportunities for efficiency, optimization, automation, and improved cleaning practices. These inputs inform facility water conservation plans. In fiscal 2021, we developed a water stewardship strategy in alignment with the Alliance for Water Stewardship, an international organization committed to the sustainability of water resources. This strategy prioritizes our largest manufacturing facilities in water-stressed regions and is supported by an increased focus on efficiency and implementation of best practices for water management and capital projects. As part of the strategy, we:

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