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31 SOCIAL IMPACT EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE OUR EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS THE ELC X WHARTON: KNOWLEDGE FOR ACTION VIRTUAL SERIES Created and sponsored by William P. Lauder, ELC X Wharton is designed for Directors, Senior Managers, and Managers. Builing on our decades-long partnership with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the series brings world-class professors to share strategic insights and innovative thinking with future senior leaders of the organization. More than 5,400 employees attended across six sessions in fiscal 2021, from every part of the enterprise and across all time zones. OUR SIGNATURE LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS CEO GLOBAL PRESIDENTIAL PROGRAM A bespoke, High-Touch global rotation program that supports the strategic priorities within our brands, regions, functions, and channels. The program recruits a diverse group of highly talented recent graduates (BA/BS or MA/MS/MBA) and develops them through a series of curated on-the-job learning experiences, strengths-based coaching, mentorship, professional development sessions, and exposure to senior leaders during a 18- to 24-month period. The program currently includes approximately 75 participants across four global regions. CEO GLOBAL REVERSE MENTOR PROGRAM The CEO Global Reverse Mentor Program is a cross-functional global sharing network of junior talent that is empowered, engaged, and making an impact on the business. The program allows young talent within the Company to share valuable insights, perspectives, and connect trends to leaders’ priority topics. It serves as a critical role in supporting career development and amplifies the generational aspectof ID&E across brands, regions, channels, and functions, giving Millennials / Gen Z a voice. There are currently 650+ Reverse Mentor participants, 300+ Senior Leadership participants, 40+ programs globally, and 28 participating affiliates. EXECUTIVE EDUCATION As our model for delivering education continues to evolve, our Executive Chairman, William P. Lauder, remains committed to bringing the best academic thinking and resources to our employees. Through his leadership, we continue to offer a variety of learning opportunities—in different and evolved formats—to ensure we remain a learning organization now and into the future. Participants in the Global Presidential Program Camila Dauhajre and Kenya Bryant shared their insights with WWD as part of the CEO Global Reverse Mentor Program in fiscal 2021 William P. Lauder, creator and sponsor of the ELC x Wharton program

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