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40 SOCIAL IMPACT INCLUSION, DIVERSITY & EQUITY EQUALITY OF LEADERSHIP We believe that all genders should have equal access to positions of leadership within our organization. Under our new gender equality roadmap, we are committed to leveling the playing field for all genders. As part of our equality strategy, we are aiming to achieve gender parity within our Board of Directors by 2025; reaching gender parity for women in senior leadership positions worldwide by 2025; and expanding leadership development programs to give employees the tools and support they need for success. To this end, in fiscal 2021 we launched the Open Doors Women’s Leadership program, an intensive training program for females at the director level. The program combines self-assessment, instruction, experiential learning, team building, and coaching, as each participant develops her own individual, authentic leadership style. The initial training program is followed by a year-long enrichment program of additional training, coaching, and support. Each participant is partnered with a sponsor to enhance her development and career journey. Following on the positive feedback from the Leadership program, we launched The Open Doors Collection in July 2021, a self-guided virtual leadership development program available to all employees globally to help them develop critical skills to lead as an individual, across a team, and throughout the enterprise. EQUALITY OF ACCESS TO HEALTH AND EDUCATION We believe that all people around the world deserve access to health, education, and economic participation. We are also committed to giving women and girls access to the proper tools and skills needed to become successful and to create lasting change. We have pledged to maintain our position as the number one leader in supporting research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ® . We are also working with multi-stakeholder partners to drive cross- sector progress and engagement and supporting organizations doing critical work to promote gender equality. Learn more about how we are collaborating with others to address health and education disparities in our Social Investments section on page 42. Finally, we will leverage our platform and use our voice to connect with and empower the next generation of women leaders. We commit to taking steps to galvanize future leaders, including among our thousands of employees and millions of consumers, to advance the voices of the next generation and to be agents of positive change for women around the world. Jill Bargonetti, PhD. Hesselbach Professor of Biological Sciences and Chair of PhD Program in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology at The City University of New York at Hunter College and The Graduate Center. Recipient of The Estée Lauder Companies’ Brands Awards in Memory of Evelyn H. Lauder through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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