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95 SUSTAINABILITY PACKAGING PARTNERING FOR ADVANCED SOLUTIONS We maintain a strong network of collaborators—companies, universities, and consortiums—to help further our collective approach to more responsible packaging. For example, in fiscal 2021, students from Georgia Tech University produced a white paper comparing plastics used for mascara wands. They have continued to conduct life-cycle analyses of the studied plastics in order to help us better understand the impacts of different materials. COLLABORATING TO TACKLE DIFFICULT CHALLENGES Packaging tubes are often made of multiple layers of different materials. Currently, there is no infrastructure in practice and at scale to recycle packages that use multiple materials. As a member of Stina (formerly More Recycling), we engage with other member organizations to develop ways to advance recycling of packaging tubes. Stina is a nonprofit organization that provides programs and tools to help accelerate the transition to a society that uses resources responsibly. As a result of this collaboration, Aveda is developing plans to launch “recyclable ready” tubes. * These tubes will be made with one single material and developed in accordance with common recycling guidelines to facilitate more widespread recyclability. *Aveda tubes smaller than 38.5 mm in diameter will not be recyclable ready due to their size. Check locally to see if your recycler can handle single material plastic tubes. WE ARE MEMBERS OF AND/OR PARTNERS WITH THE FOLLOWING ORGANIZATIONS: SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING INITIATIVE FOR COSMETICS (SPICE) A cohort of organizations in the cosmetics industry dedicated to collectively shaping the future of sustainable packaging. ELLEN MACARTHUR FOUNDATION An organization that brings together leaders and innovators in business, governments, and academia to contribute to society’s transition to a circular economy. ASSOCIATION OF PLASTIC RECYCLERS (APR) The North American trade association representing companies who acquire, reprocess, and sell the output of more than 90 percent of the post-consumer plastic processing capacity in North America. SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING COALITION (SPC) A coalition that brings together businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively strengthen and advance the business case for more sustainable packaging. STRATEGIC MATERIALS A leader in the recycling market, Strategic Materials processes recycled glass and plastic for use in a wide array of products, creating efficiencies for our consumers while conserving earth’s natural resources.

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