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Brand Assets Facebook Brand Guidelines Reactions Use—Within the Facebook UI We have provided high-resolution Newsfeed screen templates built for Do not crop top or sides. use online, on print/packaging, or for promotional activities in TV and film. The Screen ≤ 100% file size use of the screen templates must adhere Typeface: to the guidelines in this document and on iOS – San Francisco Android – Roboto the Brand Resource Center. Use these screen templates as shown or you can customize a template by replacing photos and modifying or localizing copy where applicable. If you plan to customize a template, we require you to use the Bottom of screen can current Facebook UI (User Interface), and be cropped. not alter the UI in any way from how it’s displayed in real life. Reactions within the UI Display screens on a device When highlighting one Reaction When using the full UI, present screens maintain margins and spacing within the context of a relevant mobile, (scale is based on the Facebook desktop or other device. mobile app) Cropping When space or size limitations are an issue, screen templates may be cropped or scaled-up to allude to being “zoomed-in” to the UI. Always have the Reactions UI within the frame. 85.5% height 75% 250% 75% 75% 75% 75% Reactions within focus 100% width Facebook Inc. - All rights reserved. 18

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