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- 2021 ESG Report Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance Environment As the impacts of climate change continue to be felt around the world, we are beginning to see signifcant changes emerge in the way many of our customers do business. These changes are driving a larger economic shift as the push towards decarbonization accelerates. For many, it is no longer about whether this change will happen, but how quickly it will transpire. Fifth Third has had a historic commitment to environmental leadership in the fnancial services sector. That commitment is rooted in our desire to build strong communities, serve our customers well and achieve our vision to be the one bank people most value and trust. We are driven by our understanding that integrating environmental sustainability into all aspects of our business creates long term value and strengthens the communities we serve. We recognize the need for fnancial service providers to support the transition toward a more sustainable future. Banking is key to supporting the development of new technologies, fnancing new infrastructure and helping customers transition their operations. IN THIS SECTION • 33 Climate Strategy • 34 Transition to a Sustainable Future • 41 Climate Risk Management • 44 Operational Sustainability • 49 Environmental Data 32

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