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- 2021 ESG Report Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance ENVIRONMENT Climate Strategy understanding material climate-related risks. In Fifth Third has been focused February 2022, Fifth Third published our second on three strategies since climate-related fnancial disclosure report . our frst Environmental We have been focused on transparency Sustainability Policy* was and reporting since 2010, when we began including an environment section in our annual approved by our Board of CSR report and publicly disclosing carbon Directors in 2014. emissions and climate risk through the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) voluntary In 2017, the Task Force on Climate-related questionnaire. In the most recent CDP Financial Disclosure published recommended, questionnaire in 2021, we were recognized as voluntary guidance for consistent fnancial a leader for the third consecutive year. disclosures designed to be used by investors, lenders and insurance underwriters in Climate Strategy Progress 2018 • Renewable energy fnance center of excellence 2014 established with lending group. 2011 Environmental Sustainability • Signed power purchase Environmental sustainability Policy* adopted by Board of agreement for 100% renewable program launched. Directors. energy. Supporting a sustainable transition by helping our customers and communities prepare for climate related risks and opportunities. Managing climate-related risks facing our Company, including those related to physical and transition risks. Reducing our environmental footprint through renewable energy, energy efciency and other operational improvements across our enterprise. 2022 • Published second TCFD report. • Acquired Dividend Finance. • Named frst chief sustainability ofcer. • Second sustainability goals announced, to be achieved by 2030. • $100 billion environmental and social fnance target announced, to be achieved through 2030. 2020 • Announced $8 billion sustainable fnance goal for lending and fnancing toward renewable energy, to be achieved by 2025. • Environmental & Social Policy published. • Achieved carbon neutrality in our operations. 2010 2012 2017 2019 2021 • Added environment section First renewable energy First sustainability goals Published frst TCFD report. • Joined Partnership for Carbon to annual CSR report. Accounting Financials. projects fnanced. announced, to be achieved by 2022. • Joined Ceres Company • Responded to frst CDP Network. questionnaire. • Issued inaugural Green Bond. • Named frst climate risk ofcer. *Environmental Sustainability Policy was superseded by the Environmental & Social Policy, which is available on our investor relations website. 33

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