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2021 ESG Report ENVIRONMENT Transition to a Sustainable Future Our approach to sustainability is driven by our Company’s purpose: to improve the lives of our customers and the well - being of our communities. Our business strategy embraces an inclusive, sustainable path forward. We believe that capital can be a force for positive change. Fifth Third is committed to helping our customers and communities move to a low- carbon, sustainable future and achieve positive social outcomes. We seek to provide our customers with products and services that will help them meet their evolving needs, and we hope to inspire and support our communities to drive toward more sustainable and inclusive solutions. We recognize the fnancial sector plays an important role in making the changes necessary to adapt to a changing planet and create more resilient communities. In 2022, we achieved our $8 billion sustainable fnance target that focused on renewable energy lending and fnancing. *The methodology used to prepare these fgures is available in the Additional Disclosures section of . Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance $4.9B in Lending Commitments and Asset Finance: Providing direct fnancing to companies and projects. This capital is provided by Fifth Third and is reported on our balance sheet.* $3.1B in Facilitation of Capital Raising: Helping customers raise debt and equity fnancing from other investors. 100 % ACHIEVED “Achieving our $8 billion renewable fnance goal ahead of schedule is a testament to the growing awareness of our need to create new sources of renewable energy. Clients have found value in the expertise and services we provide—fnancing as well as capital raising—that enables them to build renewable projects.” ERIC COHEN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, RENEWABLE ENERGY FINANCE. *Includes Dividend Finance’s production after Fifth Third closed on the acquisition in May 2022. $8 Billion Sustainable Finance Goal by 2025* Drawing from eight years’ experience in renewable lending since our frst renewable project fnancing in 2012, Fifth Third established its frst sustainable fnance goal in 2020. By 2025, the Bank would lend or fnance $8 billion in renewable projects, which we defned as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydropower. We limited the scope of our public commitment to include only lending and facilitation of capital raising because these services contribute most directly to attracting new investments in renewable power. In 2022, Fifth Third achieved this goal and helped facilitate the completion of more than 600 renewable energy projects across 28 states. 34

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