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2021 ESG Report Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance SOCIAL Communities Fifth Third is proud to be an active member of the communities we serve. As such, we have a vested interest in helping our neighbors achieve their best lives. The decisions we make and actions we take as a Bank can improve lives and make generational, transformative changes in the neighborhoods, towns and cities within our footprint. We see this as both a responsibility and a privilege. Community Reinvestment Act Outstanding CRA Rating Our Community Reinvestment Act rating from the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is “Outstanding.” This rating represents an evaluation of Fifth Third’s CRA activities from Jan. 1, 2014, through June 30, 2016. Due to the Bank’s conversion in 2019 to a national bank charter under the U.S. Ofce of the Comptroller of the Currency, the next CRA examination is expected to occur in July 2022. Community Advisory Forum The frst step in helping to bring about enduring, positive change is having a collaborative working relationship with the leaders of our communities. We operate a national Community Advisory Forum and fve regional CAFs that comprise leaders who work in a variety of industries. CAF members advise us on the best courses of action—and let us know if we’re not doing enough. Fifth Third Executive Vice President Kala Gibson sponsors our national CAF. In 2021, we began the process of retiring national CAF members whose terms had ended and recruiting new membership from community leaders whose diversity and experience would best refect our fve ESG priorities, especially our inclusion and diversity initiatives. Specifcally, our new members are dedicated to helping Fifth Third fulfll its $2.8 billion Accelerating Racial Equality, Equity and Inclusion initiative. Fifth Third has had a CAF in place for many years, but the strategy was formalized with the fve-year, $32 billion Community Commitment we signed in 2016 with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition. The Commitment itself was drafted after we consulted with over 200 local community organizations. In early 2021, we celebrated the Commitment’s successful conclusion in 2020 by delivering $41.6 billion in the communities we serve, 30% above our goal. Understanding our Communities In addition to our work with CAFs, we undertake an annual community needs assessment in our communities to help us ensure we are serving them in the most efective, impactful and sustainable ways. These surveys have identifed three critical needs: access to capital, workforce development and building capacity. Fifth Third continues its work to address these pressing needs. In 2021, in lieu of the community needs assessment, the Bank’s Corporate Responsibility Ofce ran an extensive stakeholder materiality assessment that broadened the scope of the project from community stakeholders to include investors and employees. Results of the assessment can be found on page 12 . FIFTH THIRD BANK NATIONAL COMMUNITY ADVISORY FORUM MEMBERS* Patrick Briaud, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, New York. Stephanie Byrd, American Red Cross, Cincinnati. Josh Earn, National Housing Trust, Washington. Mary Ehrsam, Operation Hope, New York. Connie Evans, Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Chicago. Steven Hall , LISC, Chicago. Jill Houghton, DisabilityIn, Alexandria, Virginia. Chris Kizzie, Enterprise Community Partners, Cleveland. Laura Levine, Jump$tart Coalition, Washington. Lori Little, National Afordable Housing Trust, Columbus, Ohio. Ying McGuire, National Minority Supplier Development Council, Austin, Texas. Fred Mitchell, United Negro College Fund, New York. Carol Naughton, Purpose Built Communities, Atlanta. Keith Rachey, Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, Minneapolis. Buzz Roberts , National Association of Afordable Housing Lenders, Washington. Aaron Seybert, Kresge Foundation, Detroit. Charles Sharid , Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio. Germaine Smith-Baugh , Urban League of Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Luz Urrutia, Accion Opportunity Fund, Washington. Jesse Van Tol, National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Washington. Angela Williams, UnitedWay Worldwide, Chicago. *As of May 31, 2022. 70

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