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INTRODUCTION 2021 ESG Report Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance A Message from the Board of Directors On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’m pleased to share that 2021 marked another year of signifcant ESG progress at Fifth Third. The Board and its committees oversaw various facets of Fifth Third’s ESG program and are pleased with the Bank’s achievements across the ESG spectrum. While ultimate oversight of ESG rests with the full Board of Directors, each of the Board’s six committees oversee important features of the Bank’s ESG program. The Nominating and Corporate Governance (NCG) Committee is the Board’s front line on ESG matters and strategy. In 2021, management provided an ESG update at each of its meetings. The committee heard from the chief inclusion and diversity ofcer on progress made against the Bank’s six bold inclusion and diversity goals, discussed new operational sustainability targets, reviewed trends and emerging topics such as fnancial institutions’ plans to measure and disclose clients’ carbon emissions, and engaged in discussions on specifc items like a focused session on the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The consistent time allocated to ESG provided the directors a forum to give regular guidance, counsel and challenge to management on matters relevant to ESG. The NCG Committee also continues to oversee Fifth Third’s governance practices, focusing on maintaining robust and modern governance structures and sustaining a diverse demographic of directors with expertise aligned to our business strategy. As the committee charged with overseeing risks related to Fifth Third’s environmental and social risk management activities, the Risk and Compliance Committee (RCC) likewise played a prominent role in the Bank’s ESG program. The RCC had multiple discussions regarding climate change, including the maturation of the Bank’s climate risk program with Fifth Third’s climate risk ofcer. The committee also had substantive discussions on fair lending, the Community Reinvestment Act and anti-money laundering. In fact, the Committee discussed risks associated with climate change at multiple meetings during the year, including during a joint meeting with the Finance Committee . As a Board, we are committed to helping Fifth Third maintain its leadership in ESG amongst its peers. In 2021, the Human Capital and Compensation Committee (HCCC) worked with management and the committee’s independent compensation consultant to analyze and evaluate the proper approach and timing for including ESG into Fifth Third’s annual variable compensation program. The committee focused on structuring an ESG compensation component to ensure the Bank’s employees understood and could impact the goals, thereby providing the appropriate incentive for employees to take action to achieve Fifth Third’s top ESG priorities. The HCCC ultimately approved the inclusion of an ESG modifer in the annual variable compensation program for 2022. The Audit Committee served the important ESG-related function of exercising oversight of the Bank’s policies, procedures and controls to ensure accountability and transparency. The Committee oversaw the review of the Fifth Third’s fnancial statements and the exercise of the Company’s audit functions. In addition, the committee received regular reports from CONTINUED 6

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