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2021 ESG Report ENVIRONMENT Operational Sustainability Operational sustainability, the reduction of our own environmental and carbon footprint, has been key to our environmental sustainability program since its inception in 2010. In addressing our own environmental impact, we better prepare our organization for future changes by reducing our exposure and risk to decarbonization, energy market volatility and potential carbon pricing scenarios. Operational Sustainability Goals In 2017, Fifth Third set fve bold sustainability goals to help prioritize our environmental sustainability eforts. This included targeted goals to reduce our energy use and location based GHG emissions by 25%, to reduce our water consumption and waste sent to a landfll by 20%, and to purchase 100% renewable power. To date, we have successfully achieved four of these goals (energy, water, GHG emissions, and renewable power). Although we have not yet achieved our waste reduction goal, we have made great progress in reducing our waste by more than 1 million pounds annually. Further, we are committed to continuing our work in this area, increasingly reducing the amount of material we use and recycling as much as we can. Original 2022 Sustainability Goals ACHIEVED 25% GOAL ACHIEVED 20% GOAL ACHIEVED 25% GOAL WASTE 26 % WATER 18 % ENERGY GHG 26 % 50 % toward 20% goal 100 % RENEWABLE POWER ACHIEVED Contents Introduction Economic Environment Social Governance New 2030 Goals Building on those fve original goals, we were excited this year to announce a new set of goals to be achieved by 2030.* They include bolder commitments that will help guide our continuing eforts and ensure progress in vital areas of operational sustainability. REDUCE Location-based GHG emissions * by Energy use by Paper use by and purchase remaining paper from certified sources Potable water use by * For Fifth Third’s Scopes 1 & 2 emissions. Divert 75% of waste from going to landfills Continue purchasing 100% renewable power *GHG emissions, energy, paper and water goals are relative to a 2014 baseline. CONTINUED 44

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