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6 2021 ESG REPORT THE BIG PICTURE EMPOWERING WOMEN ENABLING OPPORTUNITY ENRICHING COMMUNITIES GOVERNANCE At Gap Inc., we lead with our values and 3. We enrich communities by aiming OUR APPROACH think holistically about how environmental to create a net positive impact in and social responsibility connects areas disproportionately affected with our business and the world – by environmental issues like climate particularly the lives of people from change and the water crisis. Our 2050 underrepresented groups. environmental goals are ultimately about protecting the world’s natural This intersectional thinking guides our resources for generations to come. approach to each of our three focus areas: We have programs like the USAID Gap Inc. Women + Water Alliance, which 1. We empower women and girls through combines objectives to empower women our Personal Advancement & Career and improve community water resilience Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) program, which in a part of India where water stress establishes a foundation from which and poverty are acute aspects of daily women can reach their full potential life. With the support of our partners and help change the power structures – CARE,, WaterAid, and the that hold them back at work and in their Institute for Sustainable Communities communities. This program – which – this program already has improved has reached over 1 million women and access to clean water and sanitation for girls since 2007 – supports people from 1.5 million people in Madhya Pradesh communities in our supply chain and and Maharashtra. beyond who face greater risks due to gender discrimination, lack of access Our brands are also leading the way, from JUDY ADLER, VP, ESG to education and healthcare, and the Banana Republic’s collaboration with worsening effects of climate change and Charles Harbison on a more sustainable the water crisis. By tackling these issues clothing line that celebrates Black women together, we can make exponential to Athleta’s investments in renewable At Gap Inc., our ESG team’s vision is to be progress on them all. electricity that now offsets all of its North a driving force in the industry, collectively American retail stores, to Old Navy’s 2. We enable opportunity by fostering commitment to amplify diverse voices from building a more sustainable future for an inclusive culture with our Equality the 15 Percent Pledge network to Gap’s & Belonging team and using the scale more sustainable product assortment, our business, global community, people, of our business to create sustainable Generation Good. and planet. economies accessible to everyone. Through programs like Old Navy’s This By elevating the role of sustainability in our Way ONward, we are providing valuable business, we can deepen our positive impact first-job experience for youths from on people, our communities, and the planet. To do this, we leverage the scale of our business and strength of underrepresented groups. At the same our brands to empower women, enable opportunity, and enrich time, we’re applying what we learn Judy Adler communities. We view our work as a lens through which we can across Gap Inc. to help address systemic imagine and create a thriving business and a better world. barriers to employment.

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