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9.03 Example Designs: Example 2 This example shows how to use multiple inset images. Original Design Transition Design GE Healthcare Biosciences GE Healthcare recognizes the need for Let GE Healthcare draw on more than a high-quality laboratory imaging hundred years of imaging leadership to instruments to make today’s research give your research the results it deserves. tomorrow’s clinical reality. For more information, contact us at GE delivers multi-modality imaging 888.725.8285 or visit technologies that provide a bridge between pre-clinical research and the clinical needs of today. Begin with GE’s explore series of microCT scanners, which provide high resolution imaging solutions for laboratory research applications. Then add GE's molecular imagers to image functional activity with high sensitivity. Before it’s clinical, it’s pre-clinical. Micro imaging for research MicroCT: in vivo, Vascular structures as small MicroCT: in vivo, respiratory MicroOptical: Fluorescence Cu-64 image produced on respiratory gated, 90µm* as 200 microns may be gated, 90µm, rendered* imaging courtesy of ART GE Discovery LS courtesy of resolved within the lung Advanced Research Fox Chase Cancer Center of a breathing mouse.* Technologies, Inc. imagination at work *Courtesy of Dianna Cody, Ph.D., Small Animal Cancer Imaging Research Facility, Department of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson Cancer Center. © 2003 General Electric Company B2B Print Advertising Version 1.0

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