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SUPPORTING DIVERSE SUPPLIERS CONT. Diverse Media Suppliers General Motors remains committed to our approach to diverse relationships through our stated action plan, which enables engagement, economic empowerment and sustainable growth with diverse media. The action plan is realized through five components: 1. Strengthened Commitment ○ Increased Diverse Media Spend—In 2021, General Motors achieved our stated goal of investing 8% in Total Diverse Owned and Targeted media, and we expect to meet our goal of investing 10% in Total Diverse Owned and Targeted media in 2022. 2. Deeper Engagements ○ Diverse-Owned Media Summit—GM hosted our first Diverse-Owned Media Summit in May 2021, with over 200 diverse media owners in attendance to demonstrate our commitment to build relationships with diverse-owned media providers through communication and collaboration. We will host our 2nd Annual Summit in May 2022. ○ We encouraged attendees at the Summit to submit an overview of their business for GM’s consideration for deeper engagements beyond the summit. ○ Adding to the Annual Summit, in 2022 we expect to introduce a series of quarterly connects designed to aid in continuous dialogue, information sharing and inspiration with diverse owners. 3. Sustainable Growth ○ Diverse Marketing Incubator Fund—GM plans to allocate $50 million over 10 years to support and scale diverse marketing companies. This investment is expected to support sustainable growth and is incremental to GM’s media spend. 4. Increased Flexibility ○ Revisited Payment Terms—General Motors was an early adopter to shorten payment terms for its diverse-owned marketing companies by modifying our standard payment terms and reducing payment timing from 60 days to 30 days to help give diverse suppliers greater flexibility. This underscores GM’s priority, in collaboration with diverse media, to create a win-win for diverse media companies and GM. 5. Expanded Opportunities ○ Prospective Partnering Analysis—GM expects its media buying agencies to follow a multifactor analysis for selection of diverse media. The analysis requires new criteria for assessing capabilities, reach and analytics and is expected to drive more opportunity for diverse media. Achieved our goal of 8% in Total Diverse Owned and Targeted media in 2021 Expect to meet our goal of 10% in 2022 Skip Navigation Introduction Reducing Emissions Design for Environment Technology Customers Safety Diverse Workforce Human Rights Supply Chain Communities Governance 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 97

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