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CDP Supply Chain Response INTEGRATING SUSTAINABILITY INTO OUR SUPPLY CHAIN CONT. Climate Response 99% response rate from enrolled suppliers 50% of suppliers engaging their own suppliers $2B annual monetary savings from emissions reductions 61% reporting active targets 465.27M (metric tons) estimated annual CO2e savings Water Response 78% response rate from enrolled suppliers 25% of suppliers engaging their own suppliers 48% reporting any water-related policy 76% reporting active targets and/or goals 70% reporting water accounting As we are all met with the realities and consequences of climate change, our deep relationships with suppliers will help us innovate to find industry solutions. The issues we face today cannot be solved by one company, or even one nation, which is why at GM we are taking an ‘everybody in’ approach that includes each one of our suppliers.” SHILPAN AMIN GM Vice President, Global Purchasing and Supply Chain—Introduction of GM Sustainability Partner Guide and Framework (2021) CDP Supply Chain Initiative GM has participated in the CDP supply chain since 2013. We are working with CDP and our suppliers to accelerate action on the environmental front. CDP supports companies in measuring and managing their impacts on climate change, deforestation and water-related risks. GM’s participation in CDP goes beyond our own operational footprint to include information from select suppliers. Enrolled suppliers in the CDP initiative include all direct material strategic suppliers, a subset of indirect suppliers who are mainly manufacturing-based suppliers and our top strategic logistics suppliers. This group represents more than 80% of our supply chain spend. During the past two years, we have set a goal of increasing participation among in-scope SSE and key logistic suppliers year-over-year. In 2021, our response rate rose to more than 99% of surveyed suppliers, exceeding previous years for the Climate Change questionnaire. We aim to achieve 100% participation for targeted suppliers in 2022. Skip Navigation Introduction Reducing Emissions Design for Environment Technology Customers Safety Diverse Workforce Human Rights Supply Chain Communities Governance 2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 88

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